A breeze of autumn in the beginning of summer

Helsinki, 12 degrees

Just today I saw a sneek peak of H&M's autumn and winter collection 2011. Some of the outfits caught my eye more than others. Here follows my favorites:


Source: H&M
In this outfit I like above all the gloves, aren't they superb? I don't mind the dark lipstick either, and somehow like even the skirt.

 Source: H&M
In this outfit I love everything: the jacket and hat at first sight, but even shoes, tights and dress at a second glance. The same gloves work even here. A must this autumn! 


Source: H&M
This jacket is fantastic!

Source: H&M
This dinner jacket looks very smart and elegant! I like the idea of introducing it to everyday life, making every day festive!

What do you think?

What's your opinion?

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