Park people

Helsinki, 16 degrees

I can smell summer in the air. The beginning of summer is finally here! You can feel it everywhere, Helsinki is bubbling again. Helsinkians love their city. Immediately when the temperature rises above 10-15 degrees, Helsinki's parks are filled with urban people all day long enjoying outdoor life in city surroundings. It's common to hear someone say "let's meet after work in the park". We're such funny park people. It's lovely to see the city once again filled with life, love and happiness!

Source: Cartina Finland Oy
Across the street from my apartment there is a huge balcony with the view of the city from the 6th floor. Me and A like to watch the owners of this balcony as they organize even parties up on their sunny terrace. Oh what joy!
After my latest post, I started smiling when I got the newest issue of my favorite Finnish women's magazine called Trendi. Just look at the cover, see something familiar?

Source: Trendi

The same smurf nail polish I mentioned that I saw in Sweden some weeks ago. Irconic how some trends start here and cross over to Sweden, but on the other hand some start there and cross the Bothnian bay as a side passenger on the crossing ferries.

Converse all stars were sooo popular in Sweden. We started counting pairs at the Central Railway Station while working there, and we got to 30 pairs in a minute! The interesting fact was that everybody was using them there, even middle aged people. In Finland Converse shoes are seen as something only for the youth, sadly. I don't like when trends get fixed on ages. One should be able to express oneself in the way they want despite one's age.

Source: Vale!

A characteristic trend in Helsinki are graphical prints. One example of this is the company Superyellow, who will make our summer outfits for the office this summer.

Source: Superyellow

We'll have wise owls on our outfits, I can't wait. I'm so ready for the new ones since we've had the old once, nice as well  from Marimekko, for some time now. It's always exciting with new outfits. Usually I love Marimekko but the tunicas we have have seen their days.

While mentioning cruises, I must add that Helsinki's cruise season has started and we receive at the office every day tons of cruise visitors. Cruise visitors are recognizable due to their questions. It's funny how a city with a small center can seem enourmous to the cruise visitors. Nevertheless, the cruise season brings anually 360 000 visitors to our beautiful capital city so we consider them very important for our activity.

I have planned some new "products" for them this summer, a Finnish menu where our typical Finnish dishes are presented in different languages so that the visitors understand what they are having at the restaurants (I find pictures lack from the Finnish menus in restaurants). Somehow we assume that everybody in the world knows how a reindeer or white fish looks like. Another brochure I have made to ease my work this summer is a TOP 10 list which I won't hand out but show to our customers. Let's see the response these two products receive. After all, we are there to help and guide our customers so everything we do is based on our customers' needs.

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