Helsinki, 13 degrees.
Yesterday the first winds of summer reached Helsinki, and of course it was immediately visible also on the Helsinkian streets. Girls with shortshort shorts and guys with t-shirts. And one thousand differnet types of sunglasses. I've always loved sunglasses. I wish I could have a different pair for each occasion to show my mood. I've only noticed one new feature in them this year: animal patterns have hit even sunglasses.

Oh my funny valentine..I have discovered a new favorite tv show called Fashion file. It presents new designers each time in the most likeble way. One of the new incounters I've had is Giambattista Valli, an Italian. Just have a look at his site and I'm sure you'll understand what I've fallen in love with. Girly dresses where the silhouette of women is brought to attention. Animal patterns are still visible even in autumn collections so I guess they're here to stay. Giambattista also mentioned on the show about the fact that everything's constantly changing in our society right now, and that should be visible in our clothing as well. I like that he used the word metamorphosis when he discribed how we are. I think you can see this way of thinking in his clothes, they look somewhat like a butterfly evolving from a cocoon. Here are some of my favorites from his summer 2010 collection. I just love the drama in these outfits! The bigger, the more details, the better!

What's your opinion?