Lacking nothing

Helsinki, 9 degrees.
Being in love is irrational but oh so wonderful! Although you can never plan when to fall for someone, springtime is the absolute best time for it. I mean, hearing birds sing when you're happy, is great! It feels like the whole world, at least Helsinki, is sharing your joy. Finally the flowers outside my apartment building are starting to bloom, and also the trees seem to have come to life again. The changing weather also makes it nicer to be outside. I live only ten minutes by foot from the Helsinki city center, and although I during winter usually take a tram in to the center, I now find myself walking there more often. I feel so happy to be happy, like it's a feeling I haven't felt in a LONG time. Like this morning, I feel I lack nothing. That's a wierd feeling, don't think I've ever experienced it before. I feel I finally met my match, somebody that's like me in the most irritating but at the same time attractive way. Happy, happy, happy! I hope spring brings joy to all of your lives as well!

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