Active as a flea during Helsinkian heat wave

Helsinki, 22 degrees.
During the last five days, Helsinki's appearance has changed drasticly, almost completely. We've enjoyed such good weather that the city has finally started blooming. Finally we have green trees and lawns! This has of course also meant that people like me, suffering from spring allergies mostly for birk trees, have felt extra heavy symptoms. Especially during this weekend, I have really been suffering. Yesterday I heard that even persons who usually don't suffer from allergies have felt the symptoms this spring, the bloom boom has been so rapid.

During these warm days, I've come to notice once again that Helsinkians are such cute people. We greet the sunshine in the best way; beaches and parks are immediately filled with people. Yesterday I enjoyed a great picnic with friends in a nearby park and we noticed that not only the park was full of people, but even the biggest beach in Helsinki. People stay out late enjoying the sun as well. I've noticed that tourists staying in Helsinki don't seem to think that our weather is yet that hot, and they are still wearing jeans and shirts with long sleeves. For us though, this is as good as it gets and we couldn't be happier. Finns are wearing summer clothing. Today when I was taking some sun in the park next to my home, I saw a girl with a hula hoop ring. I thought that was wonderful, urban life at its best. Who would have ever expected somebody to bring out a hula hoop ring to an ordinary park? This was again one of the moments when I realized that I live in one of the most exciting cities. We shouldn't underestimate the element of surprise that is always present in this urban surrounding.

Yesterday I also experiences something new- I went for the first time to the biggest flea market that we have here in Helsinki called Valtteri, it's held in the neighborhood Vallila. Of course I've been several times to flea markets as they are a part of the Helsinkian lifestyle, but this was my first time at Valtteri. I'm not lying if I tell you that there were over 100 sellers present at the market! A dream come true for me and my sister. We were actually there to help my sister find a gala dress for an upcoming movie gala to which we are going, but I wanted to set myself a small budget of 15€ just to see how much I could get for that amount. And god do I love flea markets! With only 15€ I got two pairs of shoes, three dresses, two shirts and the complete first season of Ally Mcbeal on DVD! Have a look at what I found!

My favorite piece was an absolutely beautiful black dress with feathers, just made for me! I mean, can't you see that this tube dress with feathers at the hem is just what I've been mentioning that I like in earlier blog inserts?

I highly recommend the flea market. I was there with my sis, as I already mentioned, and one of her friends. I think all of us have different clothing styles and yet we found something for all of us!

I can't help but finish my insert by maybe repeating myself but telling how happy I am during these days, thanks to a special someone.

What's your opinion?