One of today's biggest news topics has been the fact that Sweden has changed their obligatory military into volontary. From now on their defence force will consist of professional soldiers, which means that it will become ten times smaller in size.
This has created a debate also in Finland about the importance of the Finnish military duty. Right now all Finnish men have a military duty of at least six months. This can be avoided by different rules, but nevertheless the majority of Finns do perform their military duty.
Once again, I think Sweden has taken a pioneer step. I think all my friends are aware of the fact that I don't support the Finnish military system. I understand that most guys appreciate their time in the military force but I just don't understand how I could support the thought of introducing weapon to young guys. I mean I can't even think about holding a gun in my hand. I guess I just belong to the people that feel that once you introduce something, it makes it more familiar. I think the threshold to use weapons is much smaller once you've already been introduced to them.

What's your opinion?