Widening my view of life

Second day of “Italy for beginners”. “How I am” & “Crossing the Line”. Two touching subjects; autism and homeless people. The crowd filled once again the art museum Ateneum where the documentaries were shown tonight. First we got to see the remarkable story of Patrick, an autistic boy. It was beautifully made with sentences portraying the thoughts and inner feelings of Patrick. The one that hit me the most was  

“The colors of life are more beautiful when they are strong. They color up the world.

I like strong colors as well as strong personalities so the sentence remained in my thoughts. The documentary showed another truth; when a person lives a very simple and almost primitive life, that person begins to realize the truths in life. Despite Patrick’s young age, he made many observations that would amaze a person of any age.

“Crossing the Line” didn’t manage to affect me as much as “How I am”, but it told of the harsh truth, the reality of some Italians. Seeing an elderly man live by constantly taking trains would make anybody sad. Of course, Italy is a uniquely diverse country and by travelling there by train, from the far north to the deep south, you see and experience great things. Nevertheless, the reality this man was living was unbearable. I’ve never know or heard of anything similar. Once again I can feel thankful about living in Finland although that is a very egoistic way of approaching the subject. We should face these inconvenient truths, and that's why I'm so happy about seeing these documentaries. They widen my view of life.

What's your opinion?