A cultural highlight in Helsinki

Today was the opening day for the” Italy for beginners” part of the documentary film festival going on right now in Helsinki. This year this event, called DocPoint (www.docpoint.info/2009_italia_aloittelijoille), has concentrated on documentary films from Italy and India and of course, I am fascinated with the Italian ones. There is no need to say that I made sure that I could see as many as possible of these Italian treats. My plans are not to see six of them.

I was greatly surprised when I went to the small movie theater called Maxim to see the first one today, and found the room where the movie was shown almost full. Way to go Helsinki! There is a clear demand for foreign movies and everything concerning Italy gains a certain amount of attention.
I was glad to see that there was an opening speech and some Italians directors present. While I sat in the movie theater with I, who kindly joined me to watch the movie called Pinuccio Lovero – a Midsummer Death’s Dream (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNsv0XSLLKQ), I heard so much Italian in the room that I felt like being in Italy.

I’ve also heard that I need to thank the Dante Alighieri society (Società Dante Alighieri – http://www.dante.fi/) , which strives to improve artist- and event co-operation and swaps between Finland and Italy, for making it possible to organize the Italian part of DocPoint. After all, events like this ask for a lot of organizing and networking. So I give out a thank you to this wonderful society that has helped create an image of Finland mainly among Italian artists and made Finland attractive in their eyes. They have also been kind enough to help me with my thesis. That is just how passionate they are about Italy. True kindness and passion.

I’m looking forward to seeing the other five documentaries. Pinuccio Lovero gave a realistic view of the life of Bitonto, South Italy close to Bari, and it was a funny short movie. Life might be simple but everybody has a passion or inner drive. I dream of going to south of Italy and seeing the cozy and familiar reality shown in this documentary. Everybody should strive to find a work that realizes one’s interest. For me that symbolizes a truly rich life.

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