Priceless - best friends can be ex boyfriends: our chosen family

I’m surrounded by great men. The fact that most of my very best friends that are boys are former boyfriends of mine doesn’t change that fact. I think it actually brings an additional value to the relation we have. I know we have all loved each other and still have the deepest affection and respect towards each other. We have shared time and grown together. Each man in my life stands for a period of time, and I share common interests with each one of them, like shopping, cooking, and movies. But above all of this, I cherish these men because they teach me so much. When I am faced with problems, they always have the wisest advice to give me. They know me well and they know how to help and guide me. I am very thankful for their insightful thoughts and the great bond I share with them. After all, I have to thank these men for a lot of things. I owe them a lot. There are some things money can't buy. Our chosen family is one of them.

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