Growing up = stop having such huge expectations?

Twilight thoughts

The movie after which everybody questions their boyfriends. I went to the cinemas to see it actually by chance because it was my sister’s idea that she and her friends would go and see it and I just tagged along. But I must say that I loved the story. Of course, we’re talking about a teenage movie but for being just that, it was surprisingly well done. It actually had a story. I ended up in a coffee shop with my sis and two of her friends afterward and we analyzed the movie thoroughly.

In this movie, we get to follow a boy from what I could see, acted like every girl’s dream. He was mysterious in the beginning, and then through the whole movie he just said all the right things, like  
“I just feel naturally protective of you”, a sentence that would kill any girl just because it’s so nice to hear it. Or how about "Where did you think I would go? You’re my life now”.

Not to even mention how he looks. I left the movie theater actually shaken. Shaken by seeing something that all girls long for. We started talking about the fact that movies like this can actually make girls feel bad about their boyfriends. Isn’t that silly?! But movie characters like this make it seem that you can have it all in one package when in reality you would need at least five boys to cover all the things that Edward does it this movie.

Movies give us girls insane expectations concerning boys. In this movie, which I still love and recommend everybody to see, the movie makers make us believe that boys like this really exist. The reality is harsh after that - since boys like this can’t be found. Instead for girls, the movie didn’t really put up any expectations. The girls got to be average girls. Not overly pretty or well dressed or anything. I found myself laughing when one of the girls with which I was chatting told me that she realized a long time ago that her boyfriend can’t be everything she needs. So she goes to him for some matters, whereas for other things she turns to her friends.

I think I am still of the young age when you want to believe the illusions constructed by these movies. I want to believe that one guy want to have all of me, not just parts of me. Having the discussion in the coffee shop made me understand that maybe it’s time for me to actually grow up and stop having such huge expectations. But it is kind of like letting oneself down. Why should I settle for less than I want? The other option is to not settle for less, and demand what I want or then nothing. I see my friends and their boyfriends. They don’t have these superhero boyfriends that you see in movies. They have ordinary guys as boyfriends. This makes me believe that maybe I am on the wrong side on this one.

So I decided to grow up about this matter. But in the back of my mind I will still have this thought and every time I see a movie like Twilight, I will bring it out, hihi.

What's your opinion?

  1. Hi Elizabeth, I'm honoured to leave the first comment of this post.. regarding your post I think that watching a film is often a different way to watch the life itself through the authors' lens.. sometimes it happens to become so involved in situation to only see it.. like a film. Why this has to happen? Films are done just to tell a story, often decontextualized by everything else: this is the main difference between film and real life and also, when it happens in the real life it means we have a problem to deal with. We are too busy in our careers, school, bills to take us the time we need to find out the story we would like to live.
    The truth is that we need to dream.. our aim should be to live for our dreams.
    You got the point when you wrote that growing up means leaving a part of us.. expecially is painful for who is used to watch what is around through the heart and not only through the eyes or the wallet.. Growing means giving to everything a value, having in mind that everything is useful but nothing is essential.. and this is so sad.
    We need to dream about the perfect partner, to dream about the perfect lifestyle and the perfect world.. because only in this way we know what to pursue. The harsh thing is that they don't exist YET, then we have to reach what is nearer to our dream and to work hard to gain what we haven't got yet. So I think that the trick is to deal with our frustration, here is the point: live fully your dreams but keep in mind the reality. And if you find something that let you dream, hold it tight and don't let it go.
    The truth is that everyone needs to dream: this is why actors will always have someone who will pay for their entertainment. =)

  2. Hehe thank you for your comment! Keep 'em coming! :)