Flowers & sushi

Helsinki, 13 degrees

I sometimes think of you when you're away and smile away to myself. People think I'm nuts.

This post is dedicated to my special someone, who surprised me some days ago with these beautiful flowers and some sushi - what could be better? Thank you for existing!


What kind of surprises do you like?

What's your opinion?

  1. Aww what gorgeous flowers! You are very lucky to have someone so sweet and thoughtful in your life! :)

  2. that is so sweet of him! beautiful flowers + delicious sushi, what could be better, right? very romantic.
    my favourite surprises are presents, I think. though I also like all kinds of happy news as well. one of the latest surprises was an engagement ring. so I've been engaged for almost a month now. I was truly shocked when I found it from my champagne glass on a random night.

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    1. Right! I agree! Wow your engagement ring surprise sounds perfect, how romantic! Lukcy you! Congratulations!