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Helsinki, 10 degrees

This post is seriously overdue so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share it with you. About a month ago I went to the opening of a new place in Helsinki, and I thought I would share the pictures from the opening. It was actually the opening of a new part of an already existing place - cultural factory Korjaamo. The new part is an extension to the cultural factory and it's called the Third Space (Kolmas tila), which means it is something between work and home. I quite like the concept of the name and once you see the photos, I'm sure you think so too!


Set in old tram halls, Korjaamo Culture Factory is one of the largest arts centres in the Nordic countries. It produces arts events accross various fields including music, theatre, fine arts and talks. Every August, Korjaamo hosts Stage – Helsinki Theatre Festival, which showcases a top-notch selection of domestic and foreign theatre pieces.

Korjaamo also has its own gallery, Korjaamo Galleria, which produces approximately 20 exhibitions a year. An important part of Korjaamo's operations are event services, which make Korjaamo's venues available for corporate and private use.

Korjaamo aims to be the largest and most important arts centre in Northern Europe which I think is quite interesting! Have you ever heard about it?

The newly opened Third Space is a unique combination of eight new kind of studios that can be rented by anyone. It also has a gallery, shop and restaurant.

This room that can be rented is called the living room. Super comfortable!

This is the gallery..

..and here's the restaurant called New York Ninja.

Next up is the room called the tea room, since people having e.g. a business meeting there can enjoy tea at the same time...

Here are some more pictures from the gallery...

The Third Space is set in an old tram hall which makes the whole complex of meeting rooms seem like a labyrinth which is quite nice since one never knows who you meet behind the next corner. The idea with this labyrinth like architecture is to make the space seem like a small village and bring people closer to each other. I liked it a lot!

All rooms have interesting furniture...

and art work..

There was even a room where one could cook on the first floor and then have a meeting or eat together on the second floor - what a wonderful idea!

More pictures from the so called living room...

From above the space looked, like I mentioned, like a labyrinth. The poles were made out of old tram tracks, a genious idea!

More of the funky furniture..

Overall, I would definately recommend this space to anyone planning to organize a party, meeting, or any group activity! The different rooms suited so many different occasions and truly showcased once again why Helsinki is such an exciting city to live in - I love the new urban spaces we have in the city!

What kind of reuse facilities do you have in your city?

What's your opinion?

  1. This seems like a truly interesting centre, with a great artistic vibe, very modern and forward facing.

  2. oh, I guess we don't have anything like that here in my hometown (it's probably a way too tiny town for buildings like that). but I always enjoy finding out about places in other countries, especially when those countries are so close to Estonia.
    ps. the part about the restaurant made me so hungry that I even consider visiting McDonald's tomorrow when I have the seminary in Tartu.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Haha I'm glad that my post inspired you to think about food! :)


  3. Looks like so much fun. It's definitely refreshing to spend time in a creative atmosphere.
    xo Annie