Introducing a Nordic essential: the red dress

Helsinki, 13 degrees


A woman in a red dress is the devil in disguise.

Today again Helsinki experienced all kinds of weather conditions: sun, clouds, rain, sun, hail, and sun again - what's going on? Like I mentioned before, me and my sister opened up a flea market in the spirit of the Cleaning Day event that we have twice a year here in Helsinki. It went really well between 9am-2pm but unfortunately after that, the heavy rain forced us to pack our things and run back to my sister's place. I sold about half of my stuff, and I had a lot of it, so I was really, really happy! It was such a fun day talking to random people, spotting Finnish fashion bloggers and enjoying a day with my sister!

I've been having a cold for some days now, so I was happy that I could participate in the Cleaning Day today. Thank God for tea and honey!

Today I want to share the dark and warm red tones that dominate the Nordic fall fashion.

In Finland, both fashion magazines Elle Finland and Trendi have recently presented the red tones.

I liked this combination of burgundy and red, seen in H&M's fall fashion magazine..but of course I enjoy to wear also all burgundy or all red dresses, dress lover as I am!

Have you found your tone already?

What's your opinion?

  1. red suits you beautifully! are you wearing those same clothes from the ad?
    actually I used to dislike red but then decided to give it a try and started to like it. burgundy is a lovely shade for an example. but to be honest I like wearing all kinds of colours. it doesn't really matter what season it is.
    and yeah, makeover is not a bad thing when someone wants it. I'm simply not that person, hehe. but we do have a tv show here in Estonia where people get makeover and they really need and want those makeovers (new hairstyle, new clothes, make-up etc).

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Thank you for the compliment! No, I have only the sweater, but the picture in the magazine inspired my outfit :)


  2. Hi dear, sorry to hear the rain washed your market day out, but its great that you sold so much! Love all the red inspiration, its such a powerful colour, both shades looks sensational on you!

    1. Thank you dearest Sam for your sweet words!


  3. Great inspiration, love this color! Red is so bright and passionate, it matches mostly everything!
    I just followed you on GFC. And if you want, we can follow each other on other platforms. Just let me know if you do through a comment or a post on my facebook page and I'll definately follow you back.

    Have a lovely day!


  4. Like your blog, sweety.
    Would u like to follow each other? In my newest post on the blog you can see how to create an unique bow top.

  5. Your blog is more interesting!
    I followe you and I hope you follow me :)

  6. Thanks for your comment dear, hope you had a great end to the weekend.