Helsinki, 20 degrees

You could have it all, the beauty, the power - if you just come and step down from your ivory tower.

On our second day, we tried the excellent breakfast at our hotel and headed out to see the Round Tower of Copenhagen that also functions as an observatory! On the way, we saw again some beautiful buildings, e.g. the Rosenborg Castle!

Rosenborg Castle stands today, with its tall towers and its red masonry with sandstone ornaments, as a distinguished example of Christian IV's many building projects, perfect despite many changes during its construction history. The Castle is built in the special Dutch Renaissance style which became typical of Danish buildings during this period. Nowadays it's a museum with the Royal Danish Collections.

 Next to the tower there is an impressive church, The Trinitatis Church.

The Round Tower is built with a 210 metre long spiral ramp - which leads to the top of the observatory and planetarium, as it was King Christian IV's, who had ordered the tower to be built, wish to be driven by horse carriage up to the top. I must say, even without a horse carriage, it was easier to climb the ramp than it would have been to climb stairs so well done King Christian IV!

On the top of the Round Tower there is an exquisite view 40 m over the old part of Copenhagen and visitors can see some of King Christian IV's buildings like Rosenborg Castle - Old Stock Exchange (Børsen) - Naval Quarters (Nyboder) - The Town Hall - Copenhagen's Cathedral and much more.

After visiting the Round Tower, we headed to Copenhagen's covered market hall Torvehallerne. Since Helsinki is opening a center for good food in a former slaughterhouse in September called the Abattoir, I had a personal interest to see how Copenhagen has realized its market hall.

I was such a good girl and managed not to buy anything there that I ended up getting a kiss, yey! We did try some food samples though, but there wouldn't have been any point in buying food, as we only carried hand luggage on the flight.

Before leaving, I had asked my friends for hints and tips about what to see and do in Copenhagen, and one of my friends kindly told me about the Paludan book café so we popped in for some coffee so that I could write some traditional postcards for my mom and sis. Now you can say: aaaw, haha. I loved the interior here and the thought of having coffee in a book shop, just lovely.

I'll continue to tell you about our adventure in Copenhagen in the next post...

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  1. More beautiful pictures! I love looking at them!

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  3. Amo questo tipo di fotografie, quelle paesaggistiche poi sono deliziose :)

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