Travel wardrobe

Helsinki, 17 degrees

Just let the wardrobe do the acting.

Since July is considered the holiday month here in Finland, I thought I would share with you this great spread that I found in women magazine Trendi telling about one's travel wardrobe. I still have two weeks left at work after this one, and then I'm back on holiday so that's why I'm interested in this matter!

The first outfit with black pants and a floral shirt is thought to be the ideal for flying. I think however that a skirt is not the best since it tends to get uncomfortable in the flight seats.

The second outfit with the yellow skirt and the print shirt is meant for work meetings, sightseeing or shopping. I think every girl needs at least one skirt that she can truly rely on. This outfit would go well also with a top or t-shirt, I think.

The third and last outfit is considered for dinner or going out in the evening. In the end, black is always a safe card. I like the fact that one can spice up the outfit with a colorful bag or for instance some statement jewelry.

When do you have your holiday, or will you work all summer? How much do you think about what you wear on holidays? Do you plan each outfit, or do you leave room for purchases on the spot?

What's your opinion?

  1. Hi Elisabeth ��I'm alive lol.. I don't really plan on a vacation this summer just working which is a bummer. Oh well..I really need new clothes but I'm in the middle of losing a bunch of weight so I don't wanna spend too much.
    Thanks 4 being so sweet and checking up on me..I'm going thru some stuff rite now so I've not had much blogging motivation ��but I do hv some post ideas so hopefully soon!
    Hope u enjoy the rest of ur summer ��☀��

    1. Happy to get a response from you! I understand, I've been working the last few summers myself, so I feel this summer is luxurious since I get to have a proper holiday!
      Be careful with losing a lot of weight! One never knows how the body reacts to things like that..
      I'm sure your blogging motivation will come back when it's time..
      Take care!