I keep waiting to meet a man who has more balls than I do.

Helsinki, 17 degrees

Last weekend I followed my better half  when he went golfing for the first time. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I had only once before in my life come close to a golf course, and that was years ago, so I was excited about seeing what it is all about.

Lately I have been watching some golf on TV with him though, so I do have an idea about the game, but it's always a completely different thing to see it being played live. In addition, I've always liked golf clothing, almost as much as tennis clothing, since I find it very elegant. I was told by my boyfriend that one should always wear a top that has a collar, which I find very sophisticated.

So we headed for Nevas Golf, a golf course in Sipoo, the neighboring city from where my boyfriend comes from. I must say that I was surprised over the fact that the golf course was so pretty, don't you agree?

We went to a nine-hole golf course, and I was happy with the scenery - I especially liked the ponds, trees and waterlilies that I found at the golf course!

After watching my boyfriend play for about an hour, I wanted to try it myself! Since it was a quiet day on the golf course, I gathered my courage and tried to putt - and can you believe it - it went in the hole!!! I was super proud of myself!

Soon though, after trying different golf clubs, I realized this was merely beginner's luck. According to me, the most difficult part of golf is to vary between different clubs and managing to know the amount of force to use in hitting the ball. If one uses too much force, the ball naturally goes too long or fast. Tricky!

I must say, a small part of me thought golf was interesting, and I'm sure I'm going to try it in the future again - only in the mere company of my boyfriend of course.

Have you tried golf? What do you think about the game?

What's your opinion?

  1. I've never tried golfing before - it seems rather intimidating! I think it's awesome that you tried it, and I'm glad you had fun with it as well! It looks like a beautiful course!

  2. Amazing pictures ! It seems you had lots of fun ! Need to play golf , as well !!
    Following you now - i would love to have you among my followers , too !
    Andrea - www.dreamingofchanel.com