Helsinki, 6 degrees

The really important things are said over cocktails and are never done.

Life after Easter has suddenly gone back to its former mode of being busy, but that's the way I like it. It's nice to know that there is a lot happening in the city, and that I'm a part of it.

Yesterday I visited a renewed restaurant with four of my colleagues. Bistro-style Kitchen & Co is located close by to Design District Helsinki, are you already familiar with that area?

Lunchtime it offers salads and soups, dinnertime meat and fish from the heart of the restaurant - the sizzling grill that is. The idea behind the renewed restaurant is to keep the menu simple and rustic: the restaurant focuses on choice meat cuts from butchers and fresh fish from fishmongers. I thought the location was excellent and the food as well! I warmly recommend this bistro-style restaurant to everybody in or visiting Helsinki!

Today I had the chance to get acquainted with a newly opened cocktail bar called Liberty or Death in the same area. One can truly say that the Design District is bubbling, something's happening there all the time!

The guys working at the bar are true personalities worth getting to know. They've traveled the world and brought the best of cocktails back with them! One of their main co-operator is Finlandia Vodka, so there's something Finnish in the mix even though the atmosphere at the bar was truly international.

I loved the so-called logo of the bar, the superb drawing of a revolutionary woman on the back wall of the cocktail bar!


How has your week started? How's the transformation of going back to everyday life working?

What's your opinion?

  1. It looks like a really amazing place! Things sure have gotten busy since getting back into the swing of things post-Easter weekend! I'm glad you enjoy it that way, though!

  2. wow! looks good!

  3. The easter weekend passed far too swiftly but its also good to get back to routine. I love discovering new exciting restaurants and this one looks top of its game. Lovely modern decor. Freshly grilled fish does sound amazing right now!

  4. Ooh, taas pari paikkaa lisää must-visit -listalle! ^^ Ravintola kuulostaa ihanalta, ja nuo baarimikot - aika vekkuleita !

    Kiitos kommentista, puutarha kuulostaa nyt vieläkin houkuttelevammalta - pieni on kotoisampaa ja ei ainakaan pääse tulemaan olo "vieläkö tämä jatkuu" ^^.
    Ja kyllä se sormus taitaa jäädä osaksi kokoelmaani. Itselläni on aika samanlainen tunne tavaroista, etenkin kodin sisustukseen liittyen mutta myös mieluummin käytän koruja etc. josta tulee jotain muistoja tai mielikuvia, joissa on jotain persoonallista.. Aivan ihana lainaus, "cracks make us perfect."

    x Satu
    Indie by Heart

    1. Juu noita baarimikkoja kannattaa kyllä käydä moikkaamassa :) Osasivat tehdä niin hyviä drinksuja!


  5. look so good this bistro ! :)

    Marina ,

  6. Great pictures!!! we follow you now!!!

    Kisses from Spain

  7. Haha that quote is so bang-on, love it! And loving all these pics, that bistro looks amazing.

    Alexandra xo

  8. Cool pictures and nice blog you have got here! :-)