Helsinki, 13 degrees

"I'll sweep you off your feet, and make God regret he left an angel behind."

I hope you're having a fantastic Sunday! I spent the day by picking out a spring jacket for my boyfriend. It's even nicer buying clothing for him than for me, since I can see the joy in his eyes!

I came across these photos on Fashionising dating back to 1979 and thought I would share them with you dear readers since I think there are many interesting details about them - they are true vintage snapshots! Back in those days one sure did put a lot of effort in the hair, makeup and accessories. Can you guess what label is behind this underwear and lingerie? Scroll down to find out but have a think about it first...

Maybe you guessed it? Back in the days Victoria's Secret shoots took place in settings that looked like a grandmother's living room, right beside the indoor potplants and floral chaise lounge. How funny is that?

Nevertheless the lingerie hasn't gone out of fashion, I could think of myself wearing many of these outfits actually. How about you?

I chose to leave the most revealing pictures outside of my blog, but if you want to see the whole issue of Victoria's Secret back in 1979, please click on the source link I've added to the photos.

These photos are quite funny, in a sense innocent, if you compare them to today's Victoria angels and their fashion shows, don't you think?


While talking about angels, I must add this Axe Excite advert since it puts a smile upon my face everytime I see it. Have you seen it before? Wouldn't we all want to be one of those angels?

What's your opinion?

  1. Ehkä hiukan muuttunut noi alusvaatemainokset vuosien myötä :D Hauskaa että jaoit nämä kuvat täällä :) Ja kiitokset kommentistasi! xoxo ♥

  2. It was so interesting seeing these photos from way back then...I actually think the lingerie was so beautiful and feminine and not in the least provocative and overtly sexy like it is today.

  3. Hahaa mä arvasin VS ja menipä vielä ihan oikein kun alaspäin kelailin ^^ No se taitaa olla yksi tunnetuimmista brändeistä ("mikä alusvaatemerkki tulee ekana mieleen?") niin ehkäpä siksi. :)

    Kiitos kommenteista! Raitajakkusi on kyllä ihan yhtä upea, ja en ole itse yhtään luksusmerkkien perään.. Tai no jos lahjaksi saisi niin mikäs siinä. ^^

    Uuden työni arvasit aika hyvin, etsiskelin siis osa-aikaista myyjän työtä ja Glitter nappasi. :) Toisesta, H&M:n, haastattelusta pystyin siis kohteliaasti kieltäytymään, tuo pienmpi putiikki muine aivan ihanine työntekijöineen vain tuntui niin paljon kotoisammalta paikalta. Varmasti olisin tykännyt olla Hennesilläkin (jos olisin sinne päässyt), mutta sydän sanoi näin =)

    Aurinkoa viikon alkuun,

    Indie by heart

  4. Haha it is kind of ridiculous how much things have changed, they look so demure compared to today's VS standards! And yes, I love shopping with the boy, he doesn't like it as much but I personally love helping him find something he loves!

    Alexandra xo

    1. Haha yes I guess you're right, but sometimes it's nice to be nostalgic.. :)


  5. cool!


  6. I actually like that white romper a lot from the first picture! It's so cute. But I love my VS today, it's so fun and sexy!