Cartoons: The only place you can wear the same thing everyday and nobody cares.

Helsinki, 12 degrees

This sunny spring morning I've enjoyed reorganizing our apartment. I visited a good friend this week and her beautifully styled home inspired me to change some things at home. I'll show you in pictures what I've changed in future posts. How much time do you put on organizing your apartment/home?

Lately I've noticed how much cartoons, animations and chilren's programs and games affect our everyday life. It seems they're everywhere!

In Finland the Angry Bird "fever", as I like to call it, is getting worse. Today, Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds took over the Särkänniemi Adventure Park with its addition, the Angry Birds Land. With children and families in mind, Angry Birds Land is themed and designed according to the style of the world’s leading amusement parks.  

In Helsinki the birds are visible already at the airport where they have their own pop up shop, the world's first Angry Birds pop up airport shop I might add. The shop will be open every day until the end of August 2012.

"Our aim is to entertain and meet the expectations of Angry Birds fans globally. The concept is in continuous development and we will open more airport shops in the future", says Harri Koponen, EVP Licensing and Merchanding from Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Are you a fan yet?

Have you seen these creatures around already?

How about the Donald Duck shoes that Finnish design student Lotta Löfgren made for Award for the Crazy Shoe competition that was held in Vienna? She came third with these amazing shoes! Congratulations!

Recently even a special edition of Donald Duck (in Finnish Aku Ankka) has been published to honor the World Design Capital year!

What is design in the 2010s? This is the fundamental question that Donald Duck ponders in the 68-page special Donald Duck Design edition, which was published in April 2012.

I've also seen Miss Piggy t-shirts around and it seems it's Italian Pinko that has made a whole collection of them! The company even has an amazing style guide on its website where one can see how to combine these t-shirts to other clothing pieces!

What cartoon character would you like to dress up like? Which cartoon characters affect your life the most?

What's your opinion?

  1. I love the donald duck shoes the most, I've never really played angry birds. xo

    1. Me neither, that's why I'm so surprised by their popularity! But I belong to the minority that doesn't have an Iphone so... :D


  2. OMG!!! THOSE SHOES look awesome! haha i love it!