Window shopping for dragonflies

Helsinki, 1 degree

Sometimes I read blogs where bloggers mention that they plan ahead what they are going to write in their blog. I hardly ever do so, since subjects seem to pop up everywhere I go. Maybe it's because back in my mind I'm always searching for something to blog about, who knows. I like to think that it's because I've lived abroad and since I've returned to Finland, I've had an observant eye.

Today walking from the hairdresser towards our biggest department store Stockmann, I saw a window that just has to have been made for me! I think this is one of Helsinki's birthday present for me! There it was: a department store window with a rotating dragonfly, hah! Can you believe it?

You can even spot me in the photo if you look closely you see me?

This amazing dragonfly is made out of Finnish Iittala Korento china collection, do you know Iittala? I think it's amazing of course, since everything that has to do with dragonflies is close to my heart. The Korento collection, Korento standing for dragonfly, is full of fun details! I especially like the turquese in it. The different colors of the designs make the collection easy to combine with others, like e.g. Iittala's Teema collection.

What's your opinion?