Flower power: spring allergy remedies & clothing inspiration

Helsinki, 2 degrees

Lately, I've been filled with such energy since spring is finally here! During the daytime, we already have around 6 degrees and in the sun, it feels warm and nice!

Flower power pollen allergy remedies

Nevertheless, spring also brings me my annual nuisance - pollen allergy that is. I've been suffering from birch pollen allergies since I was nine years old, and even though my allergies have got better with age, they still cause problems in spring.

I've tried some so-called flower remedy "therapy" this spring by Finnish Frantsila for the first time, a kind of allergen immunotherapy, and I really wanted to believe in it, but unfortunately, I've noticed that I started it too late and now I have a running nose again. I guess I should have started it last fall so that it would have had time enough to work properly.

Concerning my allergies, it seems I have different symptoms every year - last year my eyes were red and this year it's my nose that's bothering me. But today I finally went to the pharmacy to get some medicine so maybe, hopefully, the symptoms will pass or get better. I just hope they won't make me tired which usually allergy medicine does, hence why I tried the flower drops that get mixed with regular drinking water. Have you heard of this kind of remedies, based on Dr Edward Bach's teachings? Do you think it's just nonsense or do you think there could be something to it?


According to him, flowers have healing power. Here are some examples of how flowers can be of help:

Agrimony - mental torture behind a cheerful face
Aspen - fear of unknown things
Beech - intolerance
Centaury - the inability to say 'no'
Cerato - lack of trust in one's own decisions
Cherry Plum - fear of the mind giving way
Chestnut Bud - failure to learn from mistakes
Chicory - selfish, possessive love
Clematis - dreaming of the future without working in the present
Crab Apple - the cleansing remedy, also for self-hatred
Elm - overwhelmed by responsibility
Gentian - discouragement after a setback
Gorse - hopelessness and despair
Heather - self-centredness and self-concern
Holly - hatred, envy and jealousy
Honeysuckle - living in the past
Hornbeam - tiredness at the thought of doing something
Impatiens - impatience
Larch - lack of confidence
Mimulus - fear of known things
Mustard - deep gloom for no reason
Oak - the plodder who keeps going past the point of exhaustion
Olive - exhaustion following mental or physical effort
Pine - guilt
Red Chestnut - over-concern for the welfare of loved ones
Rock Rose - terror and fright
Rock Water - self-denial, rigidity and self-repression
Scleranthus - inability to choose between alternatives
Star of Bethlehem - shock
Sweet Chestnut - Extreme mental anguish, when everything has been tried and there is no light left
Vervain - over-enthusiasm
Vine - dominance and inflexibility
Walnut - protection from change and unwanted influences
Water Violet - pride and aloofness
White Chestnut - unwanted thoughts and mental arguments
Wild Oat - uncertainty over one's direction in life
Wild Rose - drifting, resignation, apathy
Willow - self-pity and resentment

Flower power clothing

In the latest issue of Elle Finland, another healing power of flowers is presented. This spring clothwise it's all about spiked petals.

Inspired by this, I've got myself a new petal spring dress! I can't wait to receive it by mail!

How have flowers influenced your spring?

What's your opinion?

  1. En oo ikinä aiemmin saanu mitään fiiliksiä kukkakuoseista, mutta jostain syystä tänä keväänä on napannut ja kovasti :) Ostin Eurokankaastakin kukkatrikoota, ja kovasti oon meinaillu toppia tai tunikaa siitä ;) xoxo ♥

    1. Kiva kuulla et säkin pidät tän kauden kukkakuoseista :)
      Odotan innolla et saan nähdä mitä saat aikaan kukkatrikoosta!


  2. I love the idea of flowers having healing powers! Thanks for that list - really interesting! I really love your new dress!

    1. Yeah I think it's wonderful as well! And thank you for the compliment!