Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.

Helsinki, 2 degrees

Plus degrees, sun, fresh air, happy people, melting snow, hints of bare pavements. Spring is all around us.


After such a busy week, I really needed a weekend of relax. Since I had received as a birthday present a card to a movie rental place, I rented two movies yesterday. I haven't mentioned it much here on the blog, but I'm a movie monster. I love movies, and try to see as much of them as possible. Usually the problem at the movie rental places is that we've (me and boyfriend) already seen all the movies that end up there. Yesterday I was in luck though since I found a movie that I had heard about since it has been partly filmed in Finland, but never actually seen. It was called Hanna.

The movie is quite rough since it tells about a "special" girl, but all the scenes filmed in woods felt nice since they were so typically Finnish. Have you seen the movie?

The other one was a silly girl movie called Bridesmaids that belongs to the same category as the Hangover movies. There are just no excuses for me choosing that movie. Maybe I can explain myself with saying that my sister is getting married next February so I need to see as much wedding movies as possible, for learning purposes, haha.

Besides watching movies, I also went shopping yesterday. I thought about getting a new curler, but when I went to the second largest department store we have here in Helsinki, I ended up getting my hair curled for free without buying a curler. The shop assistant told me that since I already have a Remington hair straightner, I don't need a separate curler. And then she curled my hair to show me how it's done. How nice was that? Afterwards, I walked around proud over my hair. I mean, how often do one get one's hair curled before a shopping spree?


I also picked up a Max Factor Creamy Blush, I think they work far better than the powder ones. What do you think?

What's your opinion?