Humidity anxiety

Yesterday I woke up with half of my room covered with water. Apparently it had been raining all night, and it continued all day yesterday, so the water rose from underneath the floor into my room. Nice! Now the humidity level in my room is so high that I can actually start to see some mould like white things coming out from underneath one of the closets standing in my room. There is also an unpleasant smell in this room, so I’m happy I only have three weeks to go. Besides this, the housekeeping ladies insist in talking about my room becoming a depositing room for cushions, mattresses and blankets. Fortunately the humidity level of yesterday scared them a little bit; because of course they can use the linen that is this humid for customers. I must say, the living conditions I’m faced with here are not the ones I hoped for and everyday there is something new to deal with. I just had to write an email to my university and tell them about my internship and I actually didn’t know what to tell them.

Oh well, let’s switch to a lighter topic – shoes. Italy is for sure every girl’s shoe heaven. Look at the beauties I’ve found. They will keep me happy all summer!

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