What a slaughterhouse!

Today I woke up not being able to open one of my eyes correctly. I would say that my description of my sunburn was not exaggerated. I spent two hours trying to calm down my skin applying layers and layers of after sun lotion. Finally, thank god, I looked decent enough to go to work at noon.

My bosses did notice though that I looked far worse than yesterday. Fortunately they gave me a super cream made for sun burns, so later on when I got off work for four hours, I managed to put some on and take a nap. My daily rhythm is completely a mess since I started working from noon to four and from eight to eleven. I never manage to sleep until late in the morning since I’m living in Hotel Alisei’s cellar floor and it’s quite noisy in the morning with all the housekeepers running around.

So I need to take a nap in the afternoon and therefore I’m not sleepy when I return late to my room from work. Great. I’m happy my boss has given me basically free hands when it comes to working hours, she only wants me to be at the hotel when it’s busy. But I have made up my own working hours, so from Sunday to Wednesday I’m working from nine to four, just the way I like it.

Work is still full of surprises. Today I thought I did something good when I sold a room for next weekend that otherwise would have been left unsold. Nevertheless, when my boss saw the reservation, she immediately wanted to know who had been silly enough to make the booking. When I admitted to be the guilty one, she changed the reservation and put the person who made the reservation in a different type of room. Stuff like that happens all the time here.

If my boss doesn’t like something about a booking, she just switches room type or switches hotel for the hotel guest. I guess I don’t have to explain why this infuriates me. So now we have to call this person who had made the booking, and tell a lie. Basically we have to tell her that the room type she wanted is sold out. That I, who talked on the phone, was stupid enough to book her a sold out room type. This of course is not true. The reason for this whole mess is that my boss wants to sell that particular room for more than one night, so she’s keeping it free until she finds a longer booking. Make sense? NO!! Argh! But that is Italian logic I guess. And of course not telling me.

In Italian there is a great word to explain Italy, and it’s casino or macello. You always say “Che casino, or che macello!”, which basically means “what a mess”. And every day there is for sure a mess, because that is how this country works. Literally macello stands for slaughterhouse, which makes it quite amusing. Casino refers to a casino since there is always a lot going on, continuous happenings and money involved.

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