I think this is a good point to present some of the things I bought here that I love. Here harem pants are still fashionable so I finally bought myself a pair. It was about time, since I’ve been drooling after them for years. They are now my favorite piece of clothing, and I wear them as often as possible. When I don’t have to force myself in my work outfit, that is. Hehe.

In Venice I went to the newly opened Hard Rock Café and of course I had to buy something there. I went for something practical this time, so I hoody with the text Hard Rock Café and Venice on. It’s beautiful.

I also bought a pair of shoes in Venice. Here a trademark called Kawasaki is very popular because the shoes are crazy comfortable. I’ve had several problems with shoes here because of the heat, hence why I needed comfy shoes. Just looking at them makes me happy. They are so colorful and motivating. I think only a person like me can find shoes motivating.

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