The best gingerbread cookies for Christmas

Helsinki, 3 degrees

Gingerbread people are the sweetest things, and I wish you all the happiness this one brings.

One of the best ways to create a combination of both lovely Christmas taste & scent at home is to bake gingerbread cookies. So that is exactly what we did in gnome hats with my baby girl on Finland's 99th Independence Day, on December 6. It was my baby girl's first time! This time, due to everything that has been happening during this period, my mother's passing that is, I decided to use a ready-to-use dough by Finnish Raisio's Sunnuntai. We used traditional molds of stars, half moons, Christmas trees, angels, and hearts that I inherited from my mother, and combined them with new molds of the beloved Moomin characters! These new molds were from Swedish Muminboden. As my sweet baby girl only could concentrate on the baking for about five minutes (and left her special mark on the cookies, note e.g. the two dots on the heart cookie - that are her fingertips marked on the cookie, haha), I finished off the baking by decorating the cookies with sugar paste, snowflakes, pearls and sprinkles. I think they turned out pretty delicious, or should I say pretty & delicious?

Mielestäni jouluun kuuluu piparit ja niiden tuoma ihana tuoksu, joten itsenäisyyspäivänä teimme tonttulakit päässämme tyttöni kanssa ensimmäistä kertaa pipareita! Äitini menetyksen takia en tällä kertaa jaksanut tehdä taikinaa itse, vaan luotin Sunnuntain valmistaikinaan. Käytimme perinteisiä sydän-, tähti-, puolikuu-, kuusi- ja enkelimuotteja, joita olin perinyt äidiltäni, ja yhdistimme nämä uusiin Muumimuotteihin! Uudet muotit löysin ruotsalaisesta Muminboden -nettikaupasta. Koska rakas tyttöni jaksoi painaa muotteja taikinaan vain noin viitisen minuuttia (ja jätti tuolloin jo merkkinsä niihin, esimerkiksi sydänpiparissa näkyy hänen sormenpäänsä, haha), viimeistelin piparit itse kuorrutteella ja lumihiutale-, hopeahelmi-, strösselikoristeilla. Lopputulos miellytti ainakin tätä äitiä.

Do you make/bake gingerbread cookies for Christmas? What kind of cookie molds do you like to use?

Teetkö itse pipareita jouluksi? Millaisista pipareista/piparimuoteista sinä pidät?

What's your opinion?

  1. Your cookies are so beautiful! I love gingerbread loaf from Starbucks- one of my favorite seasonal treats! I don't make Christmas cookies but I saw a cute poodle cookie cutter yesterday. Wish I would've bought it!

    Chanel | Je M’appelle Chanel

  2. The cookies are amazing and the first time for your baby girl! I did see the two marks on the heart shaped cookie, sooo sweet! Lovely picture, one to print, for sure! I love cookies, by the way. And how amazing will the party be next year, when Finland will be a 100 years (of independence, I mean)! Hope you have a great Saturday and weekend!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Denise! I LOVE cookies as well! Yes, next year is a huge celebration in Finland :) Lots of events going on, all year!


  3. we usually have made them with traditional molds and different colour icings (pink, yellow, green, blue) but this year we're not going to bake any. we do have those Ikea gingerbreads with holes, you know, the ones for the Christmas tree, and a package of white icing but I think that's it for this time :) your gingerbreads definitely look delicious and beutiful at the same time. nice job, you two! ;)

    Maiken - Part of me