Business trip: Berlin, Germany 2/3

Helsinki, 7 degrees

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I visited Berlin in the beginning of March because of ITB Berlin - the World's Leading Travel Trade Show. ITB Berlin has 175 000 visitors during the five-day show. During March 4-8, 2015 a stunning amount of 10 096 exhibitors from 186 countries, of which more than two-thirds were from outside Germany, were represented in 26 display halls which were fully booked. Overall, some 115 000 trade visitors traveled to Berlin, and I was one of them. 

Kuten mainitsin edellisessä blogikirjoituksessani, kävin maaliskuun alussa Berliinissä koska ITB Berlin -matkailumessut järjestettiin siellä. ITB Berlin on maailman suurin matkailumessutapahtuma, joka tänä vuonna kokosi 175 000 kävijää viiden päivän aikana. 186 maata olivat edustettuina messuilla, ja Suomi oli tietysti yksi niistä. Itse edustin Helsinkiä messuilla.

The convention venue, Messe Berlin, was reachable by underground so I used mostly the yellow underground trains whilst I was in Berlin. In this blog post, I want to present our stand at Visit Finland, but also the other Nordic countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Beautiful all, aren't they? If you have time, have a look at Visit Finland's new summer video named White Night Magic that was shown at the travel fair! I also joined some of the social media seminars that were arranged in their own hall! Talk about giving social media its well-deserved prestige. If only the internet connection would have worked at the fair..Last, but not least, I wanted to showcase the biggest stand I saw at the fair - Egypt's stand with three massive pyramids. 

Messut järjestettiin Berliinin messukeskuksessa, Messe Berlinissä, jonka saavutti metrolla joten käytin hyvin paljon näitä keltaisia metrojunia ollessani siellä. Tässä blogikirjoituksessa haluan esitellä teille Suomen standin messuilla, mutta myös muiden Pohjoismaiden (Ruotsi, Norja, Tanska) standit. Kauniita, eikö vain? Jos sinulla on aikaa, jää katsomaan Visit Finlandin tekemä kesävideo nimeltään White Night Magic, joka näytettiin messuilla! Osallistuin myös joihinkin sosiaalisen median seminaareihin, jotka järjestettiin messuilla omassa hallissa! Miten hieno kunnianosoitus somelle! Kunpa nettiyhteys olisi vain siellä toiminut...Viimeisenä, mutta ei vähäisimpänä, messujen isoin standi - Egypti kolmine pyramideineen. 

Have you ever worked at a fair? Do you enjoy travel fairs? What do you like/dislike at them?

Oletko koskaan ollut töissä messuilla? Käytkö matkamessuilla? Messuilla, mistä pidät/et pidä?

What's your opinion?

  1. All the pictures very beautiful and the places at the fair very colorful, the way I love it! The stands were very beautiful, indeed! I have worked twice for the same fair, it means, in 2 different years, and I liked it, but that was for the government and the 3rd year I was going to work for a private company and suddenly they were so messy, didn't provide the credentials and asked me to wait for a week (it was going to be a long fair) and I decided not to, cause they were not reliable at all : So, I like fairs, actually! This one seemed to be really great!

    1. How interesting! How was it to work at ITB?


  2. great !!!

  3. cara foto davvero spettacolari a presto un abbraccio

  4. so so nice photo girl :-) I am sure you are spending lovely time in Berlin

  5. bellissima foto ,,, che voglia di salire sul primo aereo e visitare berlino!!!

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