Friday, March 27, 2015

Illustration inspiration: Lisa Congdon

Helsinki, 2 degrees


My life will be the best illustration of all my work.

As I have mentioned to you earlier, I'm a strong believer in illustrations, so guess how thrilled I was when I stumbled upon Lisa Congdon's beautiful illustration of Helsinki a couple of weeks ago? I immediately contacted her and asked her if I could introduce her work on my blog as I am such a fan of hers, and she happily agreed so here I am doing it. And guess what? Her name is actually also Elisabeth, how cool is that?

Kuten olen jo aikaisemmin kertonut blogissa, kannatan vahvasti kuvitusta. Arvaa miten innoissani olin pari viikkoa sitten kun löysin Lisa Congdonin upean Helsinki-kuvituksen? Otin heti yhteyttä häneen ja kysyin jos saisin kertoa hänen työstään blogissani. Onneksi hän vastasi myöntävästi ja tässä olen hänestä kirjoittamassa. Ja mitä vielä? Hänen nimensä on oikeasti Elisabeth, joten olemme jopa kaimoja!

She described her Helsinki illustration in the following way / Näin hän kuvaili yllä olevaa Helsinki -kuvitusta:

"In 2012, I went on a trip by myself to Scandinavia and visited Stockholm, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, and Helsinki. When I was in Helsinki, I stayed in the most beautiful apartment! It was decorated almost completely in a combination of mid-century furniture and Marimekko, and so it was my idea of perfection. This is a scene I painted from the breakfast table, complete with Marimekko dishes and curtains and a Bialetti espresso maker (which I learned how to use out of necessity). Dreaming of going back there now!"

You can find more of her beautiful illustrations on her websiteFacebook page, Instagram and Etsy shop (that reopens on April 8). She greatly surprised me with sending me a copy of her book "Whatever you are, be a good one". It has 100 inspirational quotes, beautifully illustrated by Lisa Congdon. Since I have already for years featured quotes on my blog, I thought it would be a nice to feature one of the quotes in her book once a week on the blog.

Löydät enemmän ihania kuvituksia hänen nettisivultaan, Facebook-sivultaan, Instagramista ja Etsy -kaupasta (joka aukeaa taas 8.4.). Lisa yllätti minut lähettämällä kirjan "Whatever you are, be a good one", jonka hän on kuvittanut. Kirja sisältää 100 lainausta, ja koska blogissani on jo vuosia esiintynyt lainauksia, ajattelin että olisi hauska idea esitellä kerran viikossa yksi kirjan lainauksista.


What do you think about this idea? Would it be a nice idea to feature Lisa Congdon's illustrations once a week on my blog, at least for the rest of 2015?

Mitä mieltä olet tästä ideasta? Pitäisitkö ajatuksesta, että blogissa esiintyisi Lisa Congdonin kuvitusta kerran viikossa, ainakin tämän vuoden loppuun asti?


  1. She is so so talented! These are absolutely beautiful. I am so glad that you chose to feature it. So beautiful.

  2. I loved the illustrations you posted now, and I guess you know, I love quotes and in this way, I think it's a brilliant idea if you post Lisa's quotes on your blog on a regular basis! I liked the idea of the apartment she stayed in, with mid century-furniture (I like vintage ) :) And the fact that both of you have the same name is really nice!

  3. it seems to be such an adorable little book so of course it would be nice to see those quotes through your blog. I didn't even know about her before reading your blog so definitely keep doing such posts! and I totally love the first illustration, it's really awesome and has this warm feeling coming with it!

    Maiken - Part of me

    1. I'm so happy that you like the idea Maiken :)