Taste of Helsinki

Helsinki, 24 degrees


Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.

What a midsummer! I just spent four super sunny days in charming Pärnu, Estonia. I'll fill you in on my trip once I've got all my photos on the computer and recovered from my trip, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you some photos from the food event we had here in Helsinki on the 13th-16th of June - Taste of Helsinki that is! I was lucky enough to win two tickets to the event in Metro newspaper's lottery so me and my boyfriend headed to this delicious event!

Taste of Helsinki is a fun so called boutique picnic, the largest gourmet food and wine festival in Finland, where the best restaurants in the city prepare the food for you. This year the event hosted 12 restaurants, out of many were still unknown for me. First you pay an entrance to the event field, and after that each dish is between 4-6€/each. I think the event is an excellent way of getting to know new restaurants!


This year's restaurants included three of Helsinki’s Michelin level restaurants and also had some visiting restaurants from Tampere, Turku and Kirkkonummi. Each restaurant had prepared three signature dishes from which one chose from. There was also a wide selection of international wine, champagne and beer available at the venue.


I loved the fact that since I had won the tickets, we didn't need to queue in. On the venue, there were some queues but they proceeded quickly. The atmosphere at this event was just superb! There was tents, live music, people were happy, the sun was shining, and the food & wine was excellent - could it get better?

I had put together an outfit that circulated around my new black and white jumpsuit from Seppälä. I combined it with a white shoulder bag, some black wedge sandals and my white biker jacket that I presented in this blog post.

The first dish we enjoyed was restaurant Olo's "SALMON from Rørvik with spring potatoes from Merimasku" - and it was so good! Olo is a modern Nordic gourmet cuisine restaurant at the heart of Helsinki. Olo’s kitchen represents the modern Nordic cuisine, where traditional raw materials of the North are well-respected. In Olo's cuisine, there's a clarity of design and generous flavours as known from Finnish grandmother’s times.

And there was love in the air!

As second, we tried restaurant Gaijin's "GREEN SHELL MUSSELS & YUZU yuzu-lemon dressing, seaweed caviar" - this was heaven! Restaurant Gaijin is Tomi Björck and Matti Wikberg’s second restaurant. Gaijin takes you on a journey to North Asia. Gaijin offers unique flavors by combining traditional Japanese and Korean dishes with dishes from the North of China, in a modern way.

Thirdly we tried our second dish of Gaijin, that is how much we were in love with this restaurant that we actually haven't ever been to! This dish was called "PORK BELLY YAKINIKU grilled pork belly marinated with sweet soy, Japanese watercress", and again I must say that it melted on my tongue! We decided to definitely try this restaurant for dinner sometime, its menu was so impressing! This particular dish was later voted the best of the whole Taste of Helsinki event, yey!

As fourth, yes, you read correctly, fourth dish we enjoyed restaurant Juuri's  "NECK OF WILD BOAR with false morel pie and sauce of raspberry leaves". I've been to Juuri several times, and this dish was no disappointment.

Juuri stands for exquisite flavors, huge passion, wild herbs, half-crazy ideas, love of the small producer, but above all… taking the time and effort to prepare very tasty food.

To finish a perfect evening, we enjoyed restaurant Muru's dessert that was called "POACHED RHUBARB, roasted white chocolate and rosemary meringue".

Restaurant Muru is all about an unpretentious way of enjoying a magnificent range of taste sensations. The restaurant never compromises on the quality of raw ingredients or skill, pretension is not its style. Muru's mission is the sincere enjoyment of great food and drink.

I knew I wanted to try a dessert with white chocolate since it's my favorite treat right now.  This dessert was the icing on the cake and made Taste of Helsinki to a complete food experience! Thank you Metro, thank you Taste of Helsinki! See you for sure again next year!

Have you ever been to any of the Taste Festivals? From just one show in London ten years ago, Taste has rapidly grown to become an essential part of the social season for foodies, restaurant-lovers and chef-groupies. Today there are Taste Festivals in cities throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. What would make you go to a food festival?

What's your opinion?

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  2. This looks so so fun! I cannot get over how perfect your outfit here is. Super stylish!

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  7. Hi sweety, hope you had a wonderful time away, can't wait to hear more about it! Love your printed ensemble, its so bold in a really classy chic way. All the food looks amazing and the dishes sounds really interesting.Thanks for taking the time to stop by, your thoughts are always appreciated.

  8. Wow your posts are amazing! Lifestyle, food and fashion just in one post! That is something that you can really be proud about. And you are doing this for almost 5 years now! You really got power of endurance. Keep going!
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  10. nope, I haven't visited anything like that and I even haven't heard of Estonian festivals like that. at least this is how I remember it. but maybe we do have something similar.. don't honestly know :) anyway, I totally enjoyed your post and I can tell from the photos that you two had a wonderful time (and meals, of course!) there :)

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