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Helsinki, 16 degrees

One should never be the oldest thing in one's house.

As a rain wave has hit Helsinki, I've recently started to daydream about home decor again. Summer nights are magical if you ask me, with long lasting light and summer breezes. Somehow even when it rains, the air smells different; it smells like summer. Our home is in many ways a safe place to calm down in. Just the other day, one of my friends said that she thinks our apartment is a place where thoughts flow thanks to its roomy and bright feel. I thought that was one of the nicest compliments I've ever got. After all, when you get home, it should be with a smile upon your face. This blog post is dedicated to interior design novelties that have caught my attention.

I recently found an interesting blog post on the Finnish blog called Keltainen talo rannalla, the direct translation: yellow house on the beach. This blog post showcased Helene Toresdotter's photos of a wonderfully light Scandinavian house. In the hallway, I fell in love with the vase with stones that has a candle in it. Simple, but so elegant. I must try that. Since I've been refurnishing our balcony, I found the photo of this house's terrace to be charming and very inspiring.

Later in the same hallway as above, I also liked the way painting on the wall. I liked the idea of combining a plank with photo frames. What do you think?

In the kitchen I liked the Finnish Iittala's Mariskooli bowls, which I have a stunning five pieces of and intend to still have a lot more. I also liked the way how the bottles, for e.g. olive oil, are organized on the kitchen counter.

In these two rooms, I liked the photo frame walls, but also the use of different fabrics and lamps. So inspiring, don't you think?

My favorite part of the bathroom are the plants. I hardly ever see plants in bathrooms, but I love the idea!

The living room is maybe the room I like the least in this home. However, there are many details I like in this room as well. I like the big clock on the way, the different chairs that go well together but are all characteristic. I've sometimes visited homes where each family member has his or her own chair, and I think that's a lovely thought. I have no idea what kind of chair could describe me though. I guess I still have to figure out that one.

Continuing with the interior theme, I stumbled upon some fun summer living room ideas on House to Home. Here are my four favorite out of its 10 best. Have a look at the complete selection and see if you have the same favorites!

In this living room I fell in love with the coral details. I've never seen a living room like this, but I do have some coral pieces in our toilet. Maybe one could continue to decorate the bathroom with some coral themed fabrics as well?

This is a dreamy living room. I think I could write for days in this place, don't you think? Instead of butterflies, I would prefer...yeah, that's right - dragonflies of course!

This elegant living room is very much of my liking, and I've actually got a pillowcase covered with a star after having seen this photo. I love the fireplace, naturally. Doesn't everybody dream of having one?

In this room I like the spacious feel to it. The blue roses are quite romantic, even though they might be too colorful in my taste.

I also wanted to share with you readers Lauren Conrad's "5 Tips for Decorating Your Home Together". I don't know how many of you are living with somebody, but those of you who are, know it's a fine art! I thought these hints were very useful:

1) Take an inventory. Before you go shopping or decide on a collective “look,” it’s a good idea to know exactly what you’re working with and what you might want to get rid of.

2) Find inspiration. When I first moved in with my guy I created a board on Pinterest where I pinned images of rooms that I really liked (and thought my guy might like, too). I included furniture items that I was drawn to as well as color schemes. Then I presented this board to my other half and had him explain why he did and didn’t like each pin (at the time I only had about 20 items pinned). This was a really useful exercise because it helped me understand which things he could tolerate (chevron stripes) and which things he couldn’t stand (tufted couches—tear). It also helped us uncover a mutually agreed upon aesthetic that we could use as the base to build our home around.

3) Go shopping together. To make the shopping process fun we would scope out local antique stores and flea markets to ensure that everything we added to our home felt authentic. We also found that we could make more levelheaded decisions about furniture purchases when we were both present (this also helps to avoid arguments down the line). Definitely, definitely go shopping together. You might be surprised to learn that your guy has a very discerning eye…

4) Buy a sturdy coffee table. I was set on getting a Lucite coffee table when we first moved in together. Hell bent, as some might say. However, after an enlightening afternoon with my mother (who happens to be an interior designer herself), I learned that having a sturdy coffee table in the living room is important to a guy because as my mother put it, “he needs to feel like he can kick up his feet when he’s at home.” Naturally the thought of my guy with his feet propped up on my Lucite coffee table brushed through my mind…Terror. I finally folded and we ended up getting a really cool aged metal table that he doesn’t need to tiptoe around. I think he really appreciated my ability to recognize his needs and accommodate. The moral? Be practical and considerate, it will always pay off. Oh, and get a sturdy coffee table!

5) Make it personal. While the idea of living in a Pottery Barn catalogue is alluring, the fact of the matter is that “home” should feel like your home. Think about the things that are special to you as a couple and individually and figure out how to work those elements into your new place. For example, my guy and I love music so we purchased a vintage turntable and now have a wonderful little nook dedicated to our favorite records. Or if you’re particularly inspired, give one of those off-the-wall DIYs you saw online a try together as a team (Or perhaps one of Lauren's Crafty Creations). Either way, it will create something special and unique along with a few memories to boot.

I'm still looking for that perfect sturdy coffee table!

Finally, I found a fun article on Finnish Ilta-Sanomat showcasing typical features of Finnish homes that I thought might interest you! According to Swedish Ikea, Finnish people love black and white colors and graphic lines in their decor. I can't argue there!

New trends are combining new and old design, modern graphic lines and classic forms. Different styles, shapes and materials are widely mixed.

Do you recognize some features of your own home from these images? What do think is most important when planing your home decor?

What's your opinion?

  1. Wow, great inspirational photos! I really like a softer colour palette in a house.


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  3. I love the open space and I love Lauren's tips! They are really fantastic. I will have to keep them in mind if I ever move in with my man!

    1. I'm sure it's in your future, I'm happy if the tips come to use then! :)


  4. this b&w design is perfect <3

  5. Hi dear, I like the lightness of all of these rooms, they have such a wonderful airy feel about them. Great tips too, thanks for sharing.Thanks for your great comment on my last post! Happy Friday!

  6. i'm so dreaming of having my own house with all white decor ! so chic!!

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  7. such a beautiful house..just immediately calms you :)


  8. Great post!!!
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  9. one photo totally stood out for me and that's the one with the reddish branches. I just felt it's very inspiring and I especially love the wooden table in addition to the reddish accents and patterns. all in all your interior design inspiration posts are always interesting to see because decorating your home is pretty much an endless process and you can always refresh things up a bit. btw, I also love seeing posts about your own place :) and I hope you're having great time in Pärnu!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Maiken! I will show more photos of our home in upcoming blog post, thanks for the feedback! :) You know that I cherish it! I had a wonderful time in Pärnu!