Christmas holiday spirit: Santa's little helper - clothing & accessory obsessions

Helsinki, 2 degrees

I've spent my last day off work before Christmas visiting my mother and running errands, quite naturally. Even though it feels like this year I have less than usual a so-called "Christmas spirit", I've tried my best to organize everything for the holiday, including deciding what to wear dress wise. I've decided to work the second day of Christmas, and instead get some days off around New Year's Eve. After all, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the only two days a year when our office is actually closed! How about you? Have you already organized everything?

Pink & LBD obsessions

Even though Christmas is the season of red color, I've found myself crazy about pink colored clothes. I found this beautiful tunic at H&M. I think it's a great piece of casual wear. I've also been searching for a classic little black dress, and this is the one I've found so far. Again, from H&M. I think it's elegant enough to wear both for business and parties.

Red favorites

Nevertheless, as I mentioned, this is the season of red and when I saw this red shirt, I thought this looked just like me! It even has polka dots! This from Vero Moda.

New Year's Eve dress

Even though it's way too early, I thought I would share with you my New Year's Eve dress since I love it! Again, pink!

Rewarding myself with accessories

And last but not least, I think it's important for all Santa's little helpers to allow themselves small Christmas presents, seeing as the year is coming to an end and all...

I found this super stylish phone case with snakeskin pattern from Friis & Company.

I also had to get this stunning bracelet from Stylesnob since it went so well with my other three bracelets that I wear on a daily basis.

Don't take stress over Christmas presents, the most important thing is to enjoy oneself and bring happiness to others!

What's your opinion?

  1. Thanks for the lovely reminder to not stress out so much, I've been having meltdowns left right and centre! That's the trouble with having a big family I guess haha. Love the dresses and the bracelet too, so pretty!

    Alexandra xo

  2. Omg,I love the last pink dress <3
    it's adorable.

  3. I know what you mean about the Christmas spirit. Usually I have a ton of it, but this year, it feels like I have been too busy to really find it. There is still time, so I am hoping!
    I love all of these pieces. The pinks are just beautiful! I am totally obsessed with that second dress though! Fantastic!

  4. love the pink dress too!

  5. Thank you for all of your lovely comments!