Friday feelings

Helsinki, 4 degrees

Since it's my first day off since Christmas, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to share with you some of my Christmas presents, these from my mom. My mom knows of my deep love for Italy, so she had got me a silk scarf from Milan for Christmas by Giovanni Luigi. I think it's so pretty that I might put it on the wall as a kind of painting, but maybe it's too pretty not to use, hehe.

I also got some new Nike gym shoes that I love and a beautiful pink Halti fleece shirt. Excellent since I intend to be even more active next year than I've been this year! Do you know the Finnish brand Halti?

My first day off is spent at lunch at my mom's, browsing through fleamarkets with my sister and at the beauty saloon getting ready for tomorrow! Happy Friday!

What's your opinion?

  1. great post and blog :)


  2. Loving that colour on you! Blue is definitely one of your best colours! Hope you have an amazing NYE love!

    Alexandra xo

  3. Thank you for all your lovely comments!