The party season

Helsinki, a chilling -1 degrees

Shorter days, darker nights - that means Halloween is approaching. It’s always an exciting time of the year, planning what to wear that is. This is the first time I’ll celebrate it as a post-graduated, so the party is not going to be school related. That’s refreshing. I’ve always loved dressing up, ever since I’ve been a child. I even remember dressing up with my sis as princesses using toilet paper rolls as crowns. You can therefore call me a diva since childhood. I just think it’s something in a girl’s genes that makes us love dressing up and making us look different than we do in reality. I’ve always thought of Halloween as the possibility to try being something I would have liked to be, just for one night. In Finland the Halloween tradition is not old, that’s why I’ve celebrated it only three times before. My Halloween outfits have this far been the ones of a house maid, flight pilot and geisha. Can you guess what I’ll be this year?

I would love to at least once dress up as a lady from the 17th century, just like in Italy during the annual carnevale, the carnival. The main carnival is being held of course in legendary Venice. But that would mean having a theme party, because it wouldn’t be as fun if everybody wasn’t dressed in a similar way.

Two of my friends had one of the best dinner parties I’ve ever been to last Saturday. They had planned it so well: made the table in the most beautiful way with seat placements since the guests didn’t all know each other and prepared some delicious food. The party was just for girls which gave it an extra touch. We ate, drank, sang and enjoyed each other’s company. We even got new friends. I love autumn because it’s one of the best seasons when it comes to parties. Since everybody is back to everyday life with either school or work, people crave for parties. Their combining feature is what makes a party: the element of surprise, caring about the people around you and showing it and experiencing truly special moments.

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