Beneath the colored leaves

As autumn is drawing its final breath, the nature’s changing again. Not merely the nature, but also the nature of people. Autumn is considered the time to slow down, and put value on cozy home evenings again. As it becomes dark sooner, already at about half past six, people tend to adapt to this change by relaxing after dark. I love autumn with the colored trees, chilly mornings, trench coats, scarfs, red cheeks, and all the glory that autumn constitutes for.

I’ve undergone a very hard period of time, stressful to say the least. Still, the things I wanted to clear up aren’t very much clearer for me. I find myself torn since I don’t know what my work situation will be in just two weeks. Like I said: stressful to say the least.

Fortunately everything is going well instead in my love life; I wake up every day with a great smile upon my face. I’ve always been a sensitive kind of gal and thought of myself as always alone, a little bit like Richard mentioned in Ally McBeal once “Everybody is alone in this life; some are just alone in a relationship”. I mean, I’ve always thought that I would be alone with my thoughts, that nobody could ever fully understand me. Now, nevertheless, I find myself with a person so wonderful for me that I don’t think like this anymore. Every day is genuinely a blessing. Today we celebrate our 6-month-anniversary

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