Wrapping up the Picasso exhibition in a blanket

The Picasso exhibition we had in loan here in Helsinki from Paris has now officially ended. At first the exhibition was thought to finish in the beginning of January but seeing as it enjoyed such a huge success here, it was allowed to continue until January 28th 2010.
Overall the exhibition had 314 755 visitors, a personal record for the Finnish National Gallery called Ateneum. The workers at the museum called the exhibition something "never seen before" in Helsinki and celebrated it with a bottle of champagne after the exhibition closure.

I know a lot of people have critized it because its lack of relation to the city itself or Finland. But then again, a lot of exhibitions worldwide have little to do with the place where they are. I think it's about time that even our museums make an effort to lure tourists here. We have the facilities and spaces, so why not? Let's make Helsinki the destination it could be.

Notice the picture of the last visitors of the Picasso exhibition standing outside the Ateneum museum in blankets.

What's your opinion?