An observer

Today is another proof of the fact that technology is today's thing. After three years of "silence", Apple introduced their new product, something between an intelligent phone and a laptop, the iPad that is. It's funny to see the reactions people have to these new technological developments. I read some on the leading Finnish tv channels website (in Finnish: and basically to sum them up I can say that some people are against the new gadget and some are totally for it. The rejections and questions that it arises are quite logical. Some people are just afraid of change. What might this invention mean? Some question if it's a good idea that people start walking around with tv screens. Some question if touchscreens really are the future since a lot of people still feel afraid of using and estranged to them.

Lately there has been a lot of discussion in Finland about the rivalry between Nokia and Apple. Nokia seems to think that Apple has stolen their software concerning intelligent phones..the dispute doesn't seem to have an end. Maybe this new invention will catch the attention and redirect it towards Apple. Nevertheless, new developments set grounds for the future so it's worth mentioning.

My new job today seem interesting, definately a challenge. Even though I only spent four hours at the kindergarten, I think I got a quite good overview of what is to come. I have already lots of ideas about how the activities can be furtherdeveloped. We'll see. Right now it's best to just observe and not judge. The children seem sweet, obviously they represent the challenge. But I've always liked children since it's so clear to see how the adults affect them. The sad truth of course being though that most of what the children learn, they get from home. All we can do at the kindergarten is try to support the children and make them feel secure about themselves and their surroundings.

What's your opinion?