On Sunday for the first time here I felt bad from drinking. I just need to face the fact that the heat here makes it impossible to drink even close to the amount I drink at home. Fortunately my colleague G let me sleep at her place, so we could feel bad together on Monday morning before heading for work. Monday was a great day at work. My boss actually said to me that it’s a pity that I’m going home soon since I’ve improved everything so well. That’s a lot coming from a woman who never gives compliments.

Today we got a real chock. One of the colleagues working at the hotel I sleep in decided late last night to leave the hotel. But she did so without telling anybody. So this morning the housekeepers and waitresses found the reception empty without any kind of note. Instead her room was cleaned and empty and her working shirt was thrown in the laundry. Of course this has caused a lot of problems around here, and I fear that my last days here in Lignano will be filled with work.

Today was my last free day before finishing my internship here. After this, I’m working until next Friday when it’s my last working day here. Then Saturday I’m free and Sunday the 21st I fly home to Finland. Yeah!

I spent today tracking my lost package from my mom. Apparently it won’t arrive since she put in a nice Marimekko package. It’s been over two weeks now since she mailed it and there is no sign of it, so I think it’s quite evident that it’s not coming. The funny part was that I had to go to two mail offices in order to find out that they can’t help me. Wonderful. Actually I was happy to get a chance to go to Sabbiadoro, the outer part of Lignano Sabbiadoro, so I could look around for some souvenirs to bring back home. And I found just the kind of things I wanted to. And I managed to hear Finnish for the first time here too. I saw two girls and I couldn’t believe that they were actually speaking in Finnish. How strange it sounded, hehe. It will be a chock to come home and not hear merely Italian everywhere. Oh my god, I have been Italianized!

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