Back to the history..

As the days pass here in Lignano Sabbiadoro, I begin to realize that I’m returning home soon. I can’t express myself well enough in words to describe how happy that makes me. It’s crazy, when I left, I remember thinking that ten weeks would be nothing, but they have turned out to be longer than I imagined, probably because my time here is so eventful. After all, working in a hotel is one of the easiest ways to get to know people, although I have noticed that the other staff doesn’t really mind getting to know the hotel guests, besides my bosses of course. I think that is only natural since the hotel is family owned. In fact, the marketing made for the hotel emphasizes the familiar and cozy atmosphere of the hotel.

One of the funniest things that have happened during the last few days concerns a package my mother sent me from Finland. I used the word funny, but I actually should have used the word tragic. Funny is just a way to ease the pain for myself. Yes, so I was saying that my mom sent me a package from Finland and this time I made sure to tell her not to put something important in the package and maybe even pay some more to get the package home delivered.

Last time I spoke to my mom she said that over a week had passed since she sent the package, so I started to ask around about it in my hotel. It turned out that it might be that I will never receive the package because the post office here is not always open. And even if the post office is, it might be that the mail deliverer is on holiday. WTF??? Therefore I should go to the post office and demand that they search my package. Ridiculous. Have you ever heard about something similar? The problem is of course that I’m always working when the post office is open, but I just might pass by there tomorrow because I really do want my package. I can’t believe this. I mean, I’d accepted the fact that the mailing system here might be slow, but non existing? That takes us back in many years? Fifty?

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