Revolutionary Road

On a rainy Sunday with a heavy flu, I went to the movies with my best friend. I thought that would be the only thing that could get me out of my flu blues. And way, was I right.

Kate Winslet interpreted and played the role of her lifetime in the movie called Revolutionary Road. The movie hit headlines early mostly because it’s Kate’s and Leo’s second common project, and seeing as the first one was the major Titanic, it has created quite high expectations on any movie to follow.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I personally like both of these actors, so I wanted to see the movie. And I definitely do not regret it.

I always babble about strong women characters. Kate definitely put one more up on my list by playing her role as April so astonishingly well. The whole movie tells about a couple meeting young and being full of ideas and dreams, but by living together and having children and the husband working, noticing that reality often forces you to put aside your dreams and settling for less, also known as compromising.

The story is sad in the end, but sometimes stories end sadly when you try to capture a wild spirit. I loved everything about April’s personality. The idea of wanting to be, together with her husband, different and represent an “off mainstream” couple. She refuses to settle for less than their dreams, but suddenly notices that her husband is happy with the way things are. Soon April feel caught in a cage, where only she wants to realize herself but is not granted the possibility. The sad truth in this movie is thought that even though we might think we’ve found somebody to share our dreams with, in the end we can be left alone with them. I felt April’s pain when she realized that she was not going anywhere and her life was going to continue like it was forever.

This movie shows once again that it is better to realize yourself before settling down, because whether we want it or not, once we settle down, it gets just more difficult to leave the safe environment we find ourselves in. Quieting our dreams and ideas is not an option; you will just end up diminishing your own identity and personality. We should let our passions guide us, not toss them to the side. If one hasn’t found one, it’s about time to get to know oneself and find something to burn for. I hope I can live up to April’s standards; strive to live life as I want or not live it at all. No settling.

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