25 facts about me

I've written down 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about me.

Here we go:

1. I love what I study, but once I graduate this fall, I want to continue studying at least for another three years. I fear though that if I take a year off, as I plan to, my motivation for starting to study something brand new will be close to zero.

2. I believe that life is all about love and cherishing each other.

3. I'm afraid of hospitals because my family members have spent so much time in them. I think one of the most scary things in the world that could happen would be to stay overnight in a hospital.

4. I learned English by watching the tv show "the Bold and the Beautiful". When I played with Barbie dolls as a child, the dolls were often named after characters in the tv show.

5. I love living in Finland because it's such a calm place with crazy people that have "sisu". Helsinki is the only place in Finland where I could live. Having said this, right now I just feel Finland too calm for me. I need to go walkabout.

6. I'm not that afraid of spiders, but I definately am of praying mantises!! That is the most scary creature alive for sure!

7. I know what I want to name my future first born son, and I plan not to change the name for anything.

8. I used to be the one who was always early for meetings. In Italy I learned to relax, and nowadays I fight with being on time. You could say that my sense of time has changed. The funny part is that I still consider myself organized.

9. Once in elementary school for the first of April, I told a friend as a joke that I was moving to another city. I told the lie so well that I accidentally made her cry, and then I had to tell her that it was merely a prank.

10. I've only tried smoking once with my sister, on a beach close to my childhood home. I just know for a fact that I'll never smoke again.

11. I mirror myself in people, so I like to meet different people to challenge myself and form better opinions. I sincerely believe that the people I've met in my life have helped me become the person I am today. I love getting to know new people from different places in the world, but I find myself often missing a lot of them. Even though the fact that I've met them shows that the world isn't that big, sometimes distances seem unbearably long.

12. I guess I have been influenced by Feng Shui, because I believe that my day will be ruined if I don't make my bed immediately after getting up. As I have been told, Asian beliefs tell us that while we make our bed and straighten the linnen in our beds, we also put aside problems in our life. The hand movement is therefore symbolic, and important.

13. Nowadays I only buy cds if I want to support a singer/ band.

14. I love watching movies. My favorite movie will always be the talented Mr Ripley. It changed the course of my life.

15. I don't have any problems with getting up early in the morning. Sometimes it feels like I'm waisting time if I sleep too long, and miss the morning. I love going out for a walk when Helsinki is waking up. Seeing how the city become busy is thrilling.

16. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It's all about finding the right presents for the people I love. I plan Christmas presents for months, and the best feeling ever is seeing a friend or relative open a present I know they are going to love. The "Home alone" movies are an essential part of Christmas celebration.

17. I've been in a serious fight once, and got hit in the eye with a bottle as a result of it. Due to that fight, I've been three times to a police station in Italy.

18. I dream about a second tattoo on my foot.

19. I believe I study the best field of work ever. I want to travel all over the world, and I think everybody else wants that too, so I'm sure to find work in the future.

20. I had my first boyfriend when I was two years old. We used to walk hand in hand together in my kindergarden and give each other pecks on the cheeks.

21. I've had a pet turtle, rabbit, and two dogs. I dream of a Jack Russel terrier called George Harrison. I'm going to get Harry as soon as I settle down in one place for more than one year. That's why it won't be anytime soon.

22. When I get sick with a flu or something, I always watch Disney movies.

23. I love Töölö, the area in which I currently live. I often take walks and just gaze at the beautiful buildings I find here. Töölö is filled with cozy coffee houses, and I love the atmosphere in them. I also get so motivated just by looking out from my windows every morning and seeing so many active people. The Töölö Bay area is definately comparable to Central Park in New York, since people really work out here and jog several times a day.

24. When I was a child, I wanted to become a teacher. Then the dream changed to a florist. And at some point I wanted to become a marketing manager of a hotel. Now I dream of marketing Finland, or Helsinki. I <3 br="br" helsinki.="helsinki.">

25. I hate talking on the phone. I prefer seeing the person I'm talking to. I've never understood how people can talk on phones for hours.

What's your opinion?