Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5 signs that labor is near

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The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

As I now find myself ridiculously happy at home with a five-day-old baby girl, I thought I would share the last pregnancy photos that were taken of me before I went in labor. My baby girl was born last Friday, and we returned back home from the hospital two days ago, on Monday. Also, in this blog post, I'll share five signs that I noticed when my labor was near.

Koska tällä hetkellä olen onnellisesti kotona viisipäiväisen pienokaiseni kanssa, ja täysin hänen pauloissa, ajattelin että nyt olisi hyvä hetki jakaa viimeiset raskausajan kuvani (jotka otettiin pari päivää ennen synnytystä). Rakas tyttövauvani syntyi viime perjantaina ja saimme palata kotiin pari päivää sitten, eli maanantaina. Tässä blogikirjoituksessa haluan jakaa viisi merkkiä, joista itse huomasin että synnytys lähestyi.

My baby dropped / Vauvan laskeutuminen
A few weeks before my labor began, my baby started to descend into mypelvis. It made my realize that the baby was getting into position to make her exit: head down and low. / Jo pari viikkoa ennen synnytystä huomasin, että vatsani alkoi laskeutumaan. Vauva ehti myös olla pää alaspäin -asennossa jonkin aikaa ennen synnytystä.

My joints felt looser / Lantion löystyminen

Throughout my pregnancy, the hormone relaxin made all of my ligaments soften and loosen. Before I went into labor, I noticed that my joints all over my body felt a bit looser. / Raskausaikana lantion nivelsiteet pehmenevät ja venyvät, jotta lantio pystyy laajenemaan synnytyksessä. Oireina olivat kivut lantiossa, epämiellyttävä tunne nivusseudulla, iskiastyyppistä särkyä ja kipuja kävellessä.

I felt a need to nest / Pesän rakentaminen

A couple of weeks before going into labor, I got a burst of energy, and couldn’t resist the compelling urge to clean and organize everything in sight. / Raskaana oleva nainen sanotaan olevan pesänrakennusvietin pauloissa ja koti kiiltää. Itse koin yhtäkkisen ja selittämättömän tarpeen saada kaikelle paikka, järjestys, tolkku ja siisteys.

I felt extra tired / Väsymys

My super-size belly, along with the smooshed bladder, made it hard (even impossible) to get a good night’s sleep during the last days and weeks of pregnancy. So I piled on those pillows and took naps during the days! / Suuri vatsa ja istukkahormoni, joka tunnetaan myös lisääntyneen virtsaamisen tarpeen laukaisijana, tekivät hyvistä yöunista mahdottomia. Joten päiväunet tulivat tarpeeseen!

I felt strong contractions / Supistukset

In the end, in my case, it was the contractions that told me that I was in labor. They were overwhelming, intense and powerful. I had experienced early contractions during the second half of my pregnancy, but they were not painful. However, the ones I felt when going into labor were just that. I felt them in my back, and in my tummy before they spread up and across my uterus. First they occured once every 10 minutes, in the end once every 2-5 minutes. At this point, I called the hospital and we went to the hospital when I had felt contractions for six hours. / Lopulta tiesin, että synnytys oli alkanut kun tunsin supistuksia. Olihan minulla ollut harjoitussupistuksia jo jonkin aikaa, mutta synnytyssupistukset olivat todella erilaisia - voimakkaita ja kivuliaita. Tunsin ne selässäni ja vatsassani. Ensin tunsin niitä 10 minuutin välein, lopulta niitä oli 2-5 minuutin välein. Soitin sairaalaan kun tunsin niitä viiden minuutin välein, ja lähdimme sairaalaan kun olin tuntenut supistuksia kuuden tunnin ajan.

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Have you ever experienced childbirth? Heard stories about it? What are your thoughts about it?

Oletko koskaan ollut mukana synnytyksessä? Tai kuullut tarinoita synnytyksestä? Mitä ajatuksia synnytys sinussa herättää?



  1. Congratulations! I wrote you that on facebook, but again I congratulate you, this is so nice - to have your baby with you at home! I loved the opening quote, by the way, will use that for sure! I loved the last picture, it's so ethereal and with such a lovely expression! The top is so sweet! Well, I didn't know about joints, but certainly about contractions. 6 hours, oh no! But at the end all was right!

    1. Thank you from the heart Denise!


  2. Congratulations, what wonderful news!

    I have experienced both a c-section and a "normal" birth. The c-section was easier as I had a time scheluded at the hospital and simply went there for the op. Soon our baby was born! I was so young then that I recovered quickly as well. When my son was born 8 years later, it took me weeks to recover. Also the labour took over a day so it was absolutely exhausting.

    I wish you wonderful summer days with your precious baby girl! xx

  3. nice post dear
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  4. I'm just glad women have the children. Labor sounds painful.

    1. I think it takes two persons to have a child even though it's the woman that carries the child.