Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pink & grey

Helsinki, 7 degrees

Sunrise paints the sky with pinks and the sunset with peaches - cool to warm.

I've been going on about my craze for grey for some time now, I know, but I have to continue for at least one blog post more, haha! I've finally found the perfect pair of grey jeans! I've been looking for a pair with zip pockets and I couldn't be happier now that I've finally found them!

Tiedän, että olen jo puhunut paljon harmaahulluudestani, mutta aion jatkaa siitä kirjoittamisen vielä ainakin yhden blogikirjoituksen verran, haha! Olen vihdoin löytänyt etsimäni - täydelliset harmaat farkut! Olen nimittäin etsinyt tiettyä mallia, jossa on vetoketjulliset etutaskut.

As you know, my take on the current pastel trend has been my light blue spring / autumn jacket (that you can see in this blog post if you missed it). However, this spring I wanted to try something new so I went and bought this cute short baby pink jacket. I think it looks almost like it would be a mix of coral and pastel pink - perfect!

Kuten tiedätte, olen omaksunut vallitsevan pastellitrendin vaaleansinisen kevät- ja syksytakin muodossa (takki näkyy tässä blogikirjoituksessa jos olette missanneet sen). Halusin kuitenkin tänä keväänä kokeilla jotain uutta, joten ostin tämän herttaisen lyhytmallisen vaaleanpunaisen takin. Mielestäni sen väri yhdistää sekä korallia että pastellinvaaleanpunaista - täydellistä!

I put together a simple and in my opinion fresh spring look by combining the two of these! Have a look!

Stailasin itselleni yksinkertaisen ja mielestäni raikkaan kevätlookin yhdistelemällä näitä kahta - ja tässä on tulos!

These shoes are ready to hit Helsinki! What do you think of this spring outfit? What colors will you use this spring?

Nämä kengät ovat valmiita valloittamaan Helsingin! Mitä mieltä olette tästä keväisestä asukokonaisuudesta? Mitä värejä aiotte itse käyttää tänä keväänä?


  1. Elisabeth thanks for your lovely comment
    this jacket very beautiful.love that color
    fashion blogger pamela soluri
    big kiss

  2. Like a lor the colors of this look!
    Its very comfortable and stylish :)


  3. Hello from Athens, i am a new follower! I dont like pink but this spring i will wear light grey, green, blue & white. Nice to meet you.

  4. Love the Shirt! Also amazing Jacket ,what a amazing Colour!


  5. Great post, I usually find pink hard to wear but this jacket is gorgeous! i come undone

  6. a wonderful combination, love that colourful spring jacket!
    happy day!


  7. coral is such a beautiful and happy shade so of course I like the jacket a lot! it's perfect for spring and for summer too. now, when you mentioned those grey jeans I thought hey! I have at least two pairs of grey(ish) jeans and I haven't worn them for ages! grey next to a very happy shade is definitely a good idea! and it doesn't even matter which one that happy shade is.. as long as it's happy ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. I think so too! I'm looking forward to seeing your grey pants!


  8. I also love the combination pink & light grey! I followed you back!

  9. I love the colour of this jacket, so pretty and eye catching, wonderfully styled and your makeup looks beautiful. Thanks for your insightful comments.

  10. carinissimo il colore del giacchino (; Reb, xoxo.

    * Fammi sapere cosa ne pensi del post che ho appena pubblicato:

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