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Helsinki, 2 degrees


The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.

April is unquestionably the true kick start to spring! Northern Europe has encountered an exceptionally cold March, so let's keep our fingers crossed from April! For me, April is definitely the perfect time to renew my wardrobe and add some light colors to it! Have a look into my wardrobe and see what it includes this spring!

Lately, I have purchased some key clothing items, bringing in more shades of nude and white into my wardrobe. I've also got some new "must have" black items that are easy to combine to this light colored everyday wear. Of course, the pattern / print of this spring is birds, I'm sure you haven't missed my blog posts about how birds are inspiring me right now, but if you have, you can read them here and here. Most of these pieces I got from H&M, Pieces, French Connection, Lindex, Jackpot and second hand stores.

One of the exciting novelties in my wardrobe this spring is some sheer clothing. Sheer clothing is the trend that dared to bare and now has won a place in every girl's wardrobe. See-through clothing has worked its way into being a year-round, accepted part of fashion, but this is the first time I've owned a piece. Sheer fashion remains a statement to make in spring / summer 2013, and I found a wonderful guide on Fashionising that takes you through all the looks, from the subtle to the sexual, from the monochromatic to the colourful.


According to Fashionising, just like with everything else that dares break the rules of conservatism and that is easily defined by ambiguous terms like right or wrong, sheer clothing had its own share of drawbacks throughout its controversial existence. During the past six years, the see-through clothing trend managed to evolve form a seasonal accent into a year-round trend, meeting a fabulous ascent during the spring and summer of 2012.


This season the sheer clothing dominance met new heights, with runways all over the world caving in to the alluring aesthetic that highlights femininity as a fashion weapon. Still perceived as on off-limit trend by some, the see-trough garments can quickly cross the delicate line between seductive and sexual, but at the same time they can be turned into memorable statements. How do you feel about this trend?

I think the best feature about this trend is that it points towards your best features in a totally unexpected way.


How to wear the trend - sheer clothing (lended from Fashionising)
  • The safest way to embrace the trend remains highlighting your assets through sheer elements subtly injected in your clothing (sleeves, trouser legs, midriff)
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with total transparency, opt for translucent or delicately embellished fabrics instead
  • Keep your overall look clean and choose a minimum of accessories
  • To achieve a sophisticated feel, select neutral colors and relaxed lines for your garments
  • If you opt for a see-through top, layer it on top of statement lingerie, another sheer undergarment or wear it underneath a blazer
  • Rather than going sheer from head-to-toe, balance the see through pieces with opaque ones (sheer tops with opaque bottoms and vice versa)
  • Embrace color in order to slightly distract from the sheerness
  • Choose delicate fabrics like lace, tulle, chiffon to complement the see through elements   

Just like sequins, feathers and cut-outs, see-through and sheer clothing isn’t really envisioned for office hours, however it can carry you throughout the day with little efforts. As the sheer fabrics send a strong message for feminine dressing, they also leave little to the imagination at times – so finding the perfect balance, the perfect environment and the right ways of incorporating transparency in your looks might prove to be challenging. This is how I wore my new light red / pink sheer shirt to work, and I was called a spring fairy!

I combined the shirt with a little black dress, black tights and my new light red / pink floral necklace.

What do you think of the result?

For night, the scenario is likely more fitting, allowing you to switch the little black dress for something more modern that accents the outer layer without calling attention to what’s underneath. I haven't dared to try that yet, but maybe as spring turns into summer, I might try the look. I love the lace inserts in sheer clothing!


For summer, it's time to embrace lightweight fabrics, subtle lace accents and lots of white to complement the sheerness. Highlighting your femininity by using heels and wedges, alongside floral crowns, hats, and delicate jewelry. Maybe I'll take out the floral headband I used for my sister's wedding later this spring. If you missed the blog post about the wedding, see it here. Play with the lengths and layers but keep your beauty look as close to natural as possible.


Fashionising has a great list of links to photo shoots, catwalks and street style photos designed to give you ideas for how to style the sheer clothing trend for yourself, so if you got exciting about this trend, please have a look here!

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What's your opinion?

  1. A great post! I've published a post with the third chapter of my book, please leave a comment with your opinion about it! I follow your blog :)



  2. Great post and summary of the sheer trend. I'm always a bit scared to brave it, but your coverup seems like a perfect way of trying it!
    Giveway tonight on my blog :)
    Melina x

  3. stai benissimo!!! bella!!
    Anche io non vedo l'ora che faccia veramente tanto caldo cosi potrò mettere dei bei vestiti chiari e le ballerine..
    Mi piace il trend di quest anno dei colori neutri!

    un bacione!

    1. Grazie cara! Anch'io non vedo l'ora di mettermi le ballerine!


  4. wow, that was an interesting one! I'm happy to see your beautiful spring outfit, it totally made me smile and you do look like a fairy in this ensemble. gosh and this light shade of pink is lovely!
    now, when it comes to sheer trend overall I have to say I do own several sheer or semi-sheer pieces in my wardrobe and I love those pieces and can't wait to start wearing them again when it gets warmer. but what I absolutely dislike is wearing sheer blouses without bras. I think it's not decent and normal to flash yourself like that, it's rather kind of sick.. luckily most of the ladies know that wearing a bra is a normal thing, haha. and beautiful bra looks great under a sheer blouse.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. So happy (and jealous) that you're moving into the warmer months!! We here on this side of the world are preparing for the cooler weather :(

    I love reading your blog and the way you put outfits together! I think you should definitely enter the competition I am currently running, I would love to feature you!


    1. Well, you might just want to visit Helsinki during your colder months then? :)


  6. Looking beautifull :) love the nude colors! I also have that necklace :)