Paris vs Milan

Helsinki, -10 degrees


To be thrown upon one's own resources, is to be cast into the very lap of fortune; for our faculties  then undergo a development and display an energy of which they were previously unsusceptible. 

Getting back to work after suffering from a flu might be thought to be tough but I've been happy to be back at work! I feel I've regained a lot of energy and I have lot of exciting plans for the summer / fall! I'll tell you more about those once they progress.

This week I stumbled upon Finnish Costume magazine's fun comparsion between Paris' and Milan's Fashion Weeks. I think it comes as no surprise to you that when you ask me, Milan always comes out as the champion among these two. Having said this, I must say that we are still lacking a Nordic capital to join in in the Fashion Weeks since I think Nordic fashion has it's own twist and it differs from the rest of the world's fashion - mostly due to tradition and climate.

Oh so classy updated about a week ago an album that shows combined looks from the Fashion Weeks in Paris, New York, London and Milan - and these are my favorite looks!

I love the feminine dresses and skirts in these two looks, and of course the accessories - clutches and hats!

I'm not sure what to think of the neon look, it still seems a little bit off-putting to me, but these women sure know how to pull off the look!

I'm a true stripe lover so according to me they never go out of fashion and the coral color that these two are wearing is just adorable.

The look on the right is a clear winner for me - I love everything in this outfit! The spring colors - white, green, blue and coral, and the cut of the dress and jacket. Perfection!

The look on the left looks comfortable. 

Here it was the look on the left that caught my attention, again for it's femininity and elegance. I find myself fascinated with yellow this spring and that is why I like the outfit on the right. 

Irene from Irene's Closet on the right is one of my favorite Italian fashion bloggers and once again she's put together a stunning outfit - well done! The dress on the left is very romantic and beautiful. 

I love these outfits' strong and bold red color!

Elle UK presented the looks from Milan's Fashion Week. This is how Elle describes the looks: "These warm-blooded Milan Fashion Week attendees are facing the February chill with bare-legged defiance; their only concession to the cold, a neat, tailored coat and a bright-hued beanie hat. Take inspiration from their multi-textured, layered-up looks: offering a masterclass in new season dressing – with unexpected details, flashes of shimmering embellishment and intricate patterns, all delivered via an eye-catching colour palette, to cut through grey winter skies."

I think Elle UK has no idea about how cold feels like. I mean, as far as I've seen, it's been plus degrees all the time in Milan, whereas we here in Helsinki have to stay fashionable with minus degrees! I guess we're fire-blooded!

These are my favorite eight looks:


The outfit on the right is by far the best one I've seen this spring - I'm completely in love with it! Stripes, yellow color and floral pattern - I have to re-create this look! I love how the outfit on the left has been put together.


Wow - I'm also crazy about the outfit on the left! Simple but so elegant! The outfit on the right is a little bit more dramatic, but I love the color! Mint / green is a must this spring!


I just can't get over my obsession with red dresses. They always connect with me somehow.


And finally, the outfit on the left is again one of my absolute favorites - floral pattern, orange / tangerine color, white and a stunning brown hat! This is something I'll look out for!  What I like the most about the outfit on the right is the clutch, I've been looking for something just like that and might get it soon!

What colors / patterns have inspired you the most this early spring? How do you start to put together your spring warderobe?

Happy weekend!

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What's your opinion?

  1. Interesting post, your summary is great! A nice read:)
    Melina x

  2. to be honest I sometimes find it rather ridiculous and silly when someone says +10 degrees C (or something like that) is freezing cold and such a "big" challenge. they just don't know how it feels to experience truly freezing winter for at least 5 months every single year.. anyway, neons, metallics, florals, leather, lace, orange.. I like them all and definitely something else in addition but when it comes to my spring wardrobe then I don't do anything specific with my wardrobe. it's still -20 degrees C every morning so I don't actually need a spring wardrobe right now and this weather will stay here for quite a long, boo.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. interesting. I think that Milan and Paris fashin week are the opposite !
    I love milan style but i am a big fan of French's elegance. :)
    some of these looks were amazing , some a little less but it's nice to see the effort and creativity that have been put.

    The Chic and Cheap Blog
    The Chic and Cheap Blog Facebook Page

  4. Those are all beautiful outfits! They are so bright and colorful! I love the bright red! I love seeing street style posts like this, these outfits are so pretty!

    1. I'm happy that you share my love for bright red and colors in general!