Helsinki, 18 degrees

The body is a house of many windows: there we all sit, showing ourselves and crying on the passers-by to come and love us.

This cloudy Friday I've been thinking about our inner selves. I guess we all wonder as we notice how our looks change - sometimes with time, sometimes with the help of a hand - what and who we truly are. When we change something drastic, like e.g. haircolor, eyecolor or even clothing style, do we still remain untouched on the inner side? What is the true connection between our inner and outer self? Do you sometimes wonder if people see you as you are, or as something else? Do appearances deceive?

I found these interesting photos on Vogue Italy and thought I would share them with you as they relate to the topic of this blog post. The half male/half drag images by Leland Bobbé are an expression of humanity in the third millennium and show how our looks can radically change with just a little bit of effort.

How do you stay true to yourself? How do you know when you've changed too much about yourself?

What's your opinion?

  1. Definitely something to think about. It's amazing how many things we can change about our outer selves before we start to feel the change in our inner selves....these pictures are absolutely incredible.

    1. Thank you Shannon, I think so too! Sometimes it's hard to have a harmony between one's inner and outer self, don't you think?