Sometimes, in a summer morning, having taken my accustomed bath, I sat in my sunny doorway from sunrise till noon, rapt in reverie.

Helsinki, 25 degrees

Like I've mentioned before, summer is also all about daydreaming - this time about future fashion trends! As many of you dear readers know, I'm a very girly girl, so no wonder I fell in love with Versace's Atelier Haute Couture Autumn 2012 collection! Look at these hems! The Versace hairstyle perfected the Veronica Lake over-the-eye curl, softening the looks with its classicism.

The scarf kind of fashion trend isn't going anywhere if you ask Versace!

Besides the amazing hems, I think the body parts of these dresses have been made with true care and I hope to see more of these kinds of bodies in stores also here in Helsinki!

From autumn's colorful dresses to sophisticated autumn / winter 2012 outfits by Dior. These with our very own Finnish Suvi Koponen (on the left)! So proud of her! Stunning dresses in red!

I liked the fact that the collection introduced these pantsuits which at first glance look like dresses, but when you look at them more carefully, you realize that they are actually put together with a top and trousers! I hope to see more of these, something fresh and new!

Finally, Dior's collection offered stunning dresses with interesting prints! And a black suit on a women with red lipstick is never wrong!

Chanel's fall / winter 2012 collection was full of surprises! Out of these three collections, this one had the most surprises actually, if you ask for me. Since this summer has been all about fashion trends returning and a kind recycling of trends, Chanel's collection offers true novelties! Or what do you say about the berets that you see on these models? I think they are super cute!

Funny enough, shoes with metallic toes stay in fashion also this fall!

Apparently glimmering tights are a big thing this fall! I thought these lose sleeves were interesting as well, something I hadn't seen before. What do you think about them?

This violet outfit caught my eye since it was so different. It looks like it's made out of sequin, don't you think?

I love this romantic baby red dress with roses attached to it!

The show stopper was truly worth its title - I mean, look at this white dress! She looks like an ice princess, just beautiful! I like the fact that feathers are returning as a trend as well. It hasn't really become a big thing yet, it passed by some time ago, but I think it's time for it to get a bigger role in this autumn's fashion!

What are you waiting for the most clothing wise concerning this fall?

What's your opinion?

  1. So many absolutely gorgeous dresses! That white one has to be my favourite - what a showstopper!

  2. So beautiful dresses !
    I espacialy love the pink one !

  3. Very very pretty and whimsical! Definitely something worth daydreaming about :-)
    Hope u r well!

  4. wow, Versace blows me away every time!