Finland, the country of cosy people

Helsinki, 2 degrees

As the saying goes, sometimes one needs distance to see close. This time, as our one year anniversary was around the corner, my biggest request was a weekend out in the Finnish woods, away from everything that reminded us of our everyday life. I wanted to relax in the best company. And I must say that for once, I was right. The weekend was exactly what I needed. Two days of time together, without disturbing factors. Coming back to Helsinki on Sunday afternoon, I felt calm and even more in love (if that's possible?).

Finland is a country of cosy people where people get excited over the smallest things. One could claim that that is due to the fact that little happens in a small country like Finland, but I believe it has to do with the core of the people. People are just genuinly kind in Finland. It was almost too easy for us to get a cottage for the weekend and the people who owned turned out to be super down to earth, very chatty and kind.

The cottage was perfect with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a sauna inside, and a fireplace in the living room. A lot of people might think it to be ironic that a city girl like me would go to the forest for peace, but in the right company it was exactly what I needed.

Even though the weekend was a success, I soon fell ill again once back home. Spring is a misleading time. One would like to dress in a springlike way but then it's not always such a good idea. There is always a devious wind in Helsinki. Yesterday I spent my whole free day fighting against this flu, let's hope it was worth it.

Well, I spent most of my day. I actually had the energy to do one important thing: vote in the parliament election we have right now. This was during the pre-voting period so I could do it in the post office. Finland is such a cute country when it comes to national issues. The people at the post office seemed very serious, since the election is considered crutial in so many ways. In many ways, the outcome of this election will decide Finland's next four political years and what they will include. Anyway, the Finnish people are cute because they feel important playing a part in a tradition as old as Finland herself. I thought the post office was very efficient, it didn't take long to put the number on the piece of paper and then seal it in an envelope. Now, I can't wait for the actual voting day, this week's Sunday. Let's see if my little vote made any difference :)

Source: Lintukoto

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