No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow

Helsinki, 7 degrees. Spring is finally starting to stick around. We’ve had some very unpredictable weather lately. Yesterday was a good example. Sunny, then cloudy, then rain, sunshine again and suddenly rain mixed with snow. We actually were saying that it seemed more like autumn weather than spring. But today again, spring lifts its beautiful head and we have sunshine.

Spring has arrived, not only thanks to the weather, but it’s visible also in what people are talking about and of course what they are wearing. During winter, Finns tend to dress in only earthlike colors; black, brown and grey. The hint of color now present is a clear sign of spring. One of the funny little fashion details in Helsinki is that anything can become a fashion trend. Since we’ve had some rain these days, of course the rubber boots for rain have become fashionable again. Even guys seem to make a fashion statement with their rubber boots. I like this fact in Finns. Fashion here can be determined by items so down to earth. This year’s trend is of course the Hai boots, made by no one else but Nokia [].

Otherwise blossom patterns on clothes are huge here right now, also a sign of spring. A good example is H&M’s garden collection. This collection is actually made with environmentally adapted materials, so it also emphasizes the weight we put on eco-thinking. The other big chains like Gina Tricot, Seppälä etc. have also followed with blossom patterns.

Stripes are also huge! The whole marine theme is back.

One of my absolute favorite fashion trends right now are the puffy, almost spacelike, shoulders! I have gone mad about them! The puffier and bigger, the better!

Like I was saying earlier, people have also started to change their topics in discussions thanks to the springtime. The majority is concerned about what they are going to do during autumn. I guess most of us have realized that we don't have a lot of time on our hands, summer will be here before we know it and then we ought to know what lies ahead for next fall. I find myself torn in different directions. I've decided to apply to different places and see where they take me. One of the options is Stockholm's university, but if I can manage to stay in Helsinki, I might do just that. I've also found a new reason to smile, but I'll fill you in on that another time. Right now I'm just happy to be able to write again.

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