Monday, December 22, 2008

Future clothes

For me, clothes mean much more than just pieces of clothing you wear. Clothes show you personality and unique sense of style, if you have one. I strive to buy simple pieces of clothing that are easy to mix in order to create a style that's personal for me. I am very girly and love above all dresses. I like to use accessories to vary styles with the same pieces of clothing.

Nevertheless, I was surprised when I saw that one of the stores I usually make my online purchases from, had added four new collections that clearly show signs of the future. They are amazing!

I'll let you in on the secret, enjoy: 

Cosy design - a modern collection, with clear, straight lines. Comfortable and new materials, like shining cotton and waxed denim. Neutral colors, indigo colored details. Trendy and tempting. My favorite item: the harem pants seen on the picture (made by velvet).

Minimalism Chic - a collection where the lines between masculinity and femininity fade. Casual to official. Newcomers mixed with trendy basics. Blue color world with a hint of grey, grayish blue, dark violet and red. Style for which you need to make an effort. My favorite piece of clothing from the collection: The multicolored jeans, with a hint of blue, black and green in its denim.

Retro feminine - a collection with Eastern influences, that show in material choices: velour, wool mixes and soft cotton. Modern features. A collection for creative people. Details in blue and violet. Classy clothing, but with forms of sporty clothing wear. My favorite: Detailed dress in mint color. Material: cotton mixed with silk.

And finally, 

Bio collection - Light clothing in restrained colors of natural materials. Beautiful cuts and small details. Ecological clothing. With the clothing of this collection you can live in a relaxed way and with a good conscious from the whole day.

My favorite piece: Shirt with a great U neck and kimono inspired sleeves, made out of organic cotton.
If these collections don't make you think about how to dress next spring, it's a wonder. Take a second, make an effort and make a statement with what you wear!

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