Inspirational quote of the week: Live

Helsinki, 12 degrees

Live to the point of tears. -Camus

Elä kyneliin asti. -Camus


From where is this quote? See here. / Mistä tämä lainaus on otettu? Katso tästä.

What's your opinion?

  1. It's a great quote indeed, we have to live life to the fullest every day. Love illustrated quotes :)
    Is there (Helsinki) 12 degrees??? Here in Portugal is like 30º+ Celsius :P
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    1. Yes, the day I wrote this blog post, we had 12 degrees. That is Finnish spring :) We are happy to have four distinct seasons here up north!


  2. Great quote! i follow u via gfc

  3. I LOVE that. Quotes are a great way to really motivate us and put things into perspective.

  4. I really love quotes! This one is so true, it's like saying £live life to the fullest"... I could say more about it, but I think the quote speaks for itself, of course (tat's why it's a quote) and each will relate to his/her own life! So cool!